Long-lasting manicures: gel Polish for your convenience

Долговечный маникюр: гель-лак для вашего удобства

Conventional varnish or gel in the past, it was replaced by a gel nail Polish that lasts for several days, and 2 or more weeks, and remove it, not because he is yellow, and because of re-growth of the nail became too noticeable.

Gel Polish and its distinctive features

Unlike regular nail Polish, treatment with gel-Polish takes less time, and to dry the nail on the air for a long time is not required.

Advantages of gel-varnish:

  • now you can enjoy long nails, and most importantly – natural that will please a few weeks in a row. To strengthen them, use a coating that uses beauty shop Wizard. With its help you can give nails a necessary flexibility, resulting in even directed action will not be able to damage the nails will bend, but not break.
  • the coating protects from the action of chemicals, especially when you are working without gloves. To remove gel Polish, no need to cut the top layer, risking to damage the nail, it is sufficient to use a special liquid with a gentle formula.
  • can be used for natural nails and eyelash extensions. If you want long-lasting nail Polish on long nails, no need to wait, that they had grown out, coating well kept and artificial material.
  • looks, as usual, perfectly glides on evenly and does not thicken the plate, which is very important when building. When this gel is much better coverage of the old generation.
  • the coating is suitable and those who care about the health of nails or different sensitivity to allergic components. Coverage recommended for pregnant and nursing women, because the formula contains a minimum of harmful substances.
  • gel Polish is variety of colors, from pastel to bright and dark tones.
  • the cost of gel-Polish is slightly higher than the price of a regular cover, but some of its obvious advantages justify this factor.

Долговечный маникюр: гель-лак для вашего удобства

Instruction on the use of gel-Polish

First of all learn the tool, because some company made a separate bond or primer, in other limited basis. After that, you need to handle the cuticle, to make a dry manicure. Most coatings do not need Sapele plate before applying, and keep to the agreed time without thinning of the nail.

Then you need to clean the plate from dirt and grease, apply a bond or a primer, if it is stipulated in the regulations. With this tool it is possible to improve the adhesion of the gel-Polish plate. Then comes the turn base to which is applied a thin layer, sealing the edges. The coating is dried to the desired time under the lamp without removing the adhesive before applying gel nail Polish.

The turn of the color coating. Given the chosen shade may need one or two coats. In order to achieve a strong color depth is necessary to apply two layers, each of which undergoes polymerization.

Finally, it is necessary to put the top floor, while carefully sealing the ends and the free edge, to avoid premature detachment and chips. It will not allow the coating to yellow and crack, giving a unique Shine.

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