Laser tattoo removal

Удаление татуировок лазеромLaser tattoo removal – a very topical issue in our day. It often happens so, that made when drawing bored or just becomes unnecessary for life. For it was created laser removal of tattoos.

This procedure is based on the use of light pulses that affect the picture and remove it. In order to properly tune the laser, need all of the parameters, that is the color, size and depth of the patency of paint on the tattoo.

Laser removal of tattoos has a very big pluses. Because this action is completely painless, can only drawing experience slight inflammation and swelling, but in a few days go. This procedure also does not deliver patient discomfort and after that he can return to his Affairs.

Laser only affects the skin areas that are painted with paint. The rest of the tissue, it does not affect or damage. In addition, laser removal occurs without damage, that allows to avoid burns, wounds and infection.

It is worth noting that different drawing pictures has different number of sessions. So if you take professional tattoo, then in order for it to withdraw must be twelve sessions, and for Amateur tattoo need only five sessions.

Tattoo removal without scars depends on the way of deliverance from the drawing. But thanks to laser removal, scars can be avoided, as selective method allows you to remove the picture without affecting the membrane of the skin. Tattoo removal photo acts as a clear example of the procedure:

Удаление татуировок лазеромIn addition to laser removal of tattoos there are mechanical, such as tattoo removal at home. To do this, many people use celandine tincture, it leaves skin burns and peeling off the top layer, you cannot avoid the appearance of scars and wounds.

Some resort to remove a tattoo with the help of iodine. They smear the skin them, until it begins to peel together with the paint, but it does not always lead to a positive result, because everything depends on the structure of the skin and the engraved image, its depth. And some use milk, with a syringe cut away the full scale of the tattoo, but it leads to suppuration of the entire region, and then remain very ugly scars.
There is also a cream for tattoo removal he differs from the laser method that acts on the fragmentation of pigment inks, and to retrieve it from under the skin. This method is not traumatic, and also how and laser removal effective. After it leaves no scars, no scars. This method, as well as laser use only professionals and craftsmen from different salons. Before you do anything, you should consult your doctor.
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