Laser hair removal

Лазерная депиляция Laser hair removal every year becomes more and more popular way to remove unwanted hair. Currently it is one of the safest and most effective ways that do not damage the skin.
The biggest advantage of laser hair removal is that after processing the onion is destroyed and hair no longer grows. But, like any interference in the processes of the body, it has a number of contraindications, and along with them a bundle of many myths and fabrications. In this article we want to answer the most frequently asked questions, such as whether you can do laser hair removal bikini line, will this method to skin cancer, how harmful laser hair removal.
Let’s start with the most important – list contraindications of laser hair removal. Is:
– during menstruation;
– pregnancy;
– skin diseases such as dermatitis, scleroderma, vitiligo, eczema, psoriasis, neurodermatitis, malignant growths on the skin, etc)
– respiratory diseases.
Now let us answer the most frequently asked questions.
1. Delete blonde hair laser impossible.
This myth has arisen in connection with the fact that in light hair very low content of the pigment melanin, which is sent to work in the laser. But these difficulties are overcome, modern lasers without a problem coping with the removal of blond hair.
2. Before the procedure, you must let your hair grow.
Yes, the hair should be a little put out, but only if they have been removed wax, forceps or депилятором. If hair has been removed with a razor – growth is not necessary. This is because the hair shaft is the real promoter of laser beam to the ovarian follicle, which needs to be destroyed.
3. Laser hair removal is used for hair removal only in some areas.
This is the complete error – hair removal with this method probably absolutely everywhere – on the face, legs, arms, bikini line, on the buttocks, armpits, and even in the nose and ears.
4. After hair removal not need to do anything.
This is not so. After laser hair removal skin is very sensitive for some time, in this regard, experts recommend taking antiallergenic funds for at least 4-5 days after the procedure. In addition during the week throughout sauna, swimming pool or Solarium. On the beach you can go, but the skin is necessary to process the means to protect against UV rays.
5. Hair is removed via laser hair removal will no longer grow ever.
Depending on the part of the body, this method helps to remove unwanted hair up to 90%. Most often, hair no longer grows, but can be re-emergence of hair that is usually associated with hormonal disorders.
6. The necessary number of sessions – up to 8 times.
It is not necessary amount determined by the expert in this area, depending on the zone growth, thickness growth and hair color. For each individually.
7. Laser hair removal causes skin cancer.
This is not true, an absolute myth. The laser beam does not contain ultraviolet radiation, which can develop skin cancer.
8. This is a very expensive method of hair removal.
Cost of procedures is not so great, and for several years has been the same. This is one of the доступнейших procedures in cosmetology. And when you consider the savings in the media for hair removal – then you will be in total in plus the balance sheet.
9. There is a risk of scalding.
To exclude this possibility – please refrain from terrace 5-7 days before the procedure.
10. After the session is strictly forbidden to sunbathe.
You can sunbathe, but during the week to go out in the sun only after cleaning the skin with sunscreen, better if they are with the highest degree of protection, especially if you have sensitive skin.


Currently laser hair removal skin is one of the best and most popular ways to remove hair permanently. If you have decided to use this method, you should consult your doctor. Usually in the salons that offer this procedure is a specialist on this issue.

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