Jump rope for slimming

Скакалка для похуденияEveryone who at least once in life attended classes at the fitness club, could draw attention to the fact that the schedule is the type of training, called скиппинг («skipping»). Actually this unfamiliar word is well-known since childhood view charging – jumping with a skipping-rope. After carried out of studies on volunteers, scientists have proved that this children’s game is actually for adults incredibly simple, convenient, and most importantly very cheap simulator. And the useful effect from jumping on a rope in home conditions is higher than from swimming and Bicycle. Please note that many athletes any training starts with a jumping rope (the so-called «warming up»)

The benefits of jumping rope

Skipping rope – perfect tool for the process of losing weight was fast, fun and without suffering. These lessons develop leaping ability, flexibility, lead to tone the muscles of the body. At the same time strengthens the respiratory system, improves posture, optimized the circulation of the blood in the veins disappear stagnation (the perpetrators of cellulite and lifted the mood. After all, do jump in childhood.

An important advantage of the rope is its low price (average of 200 rubles) and compact – lay down your home based simulator in a suitcase and went to conquer their jumps, some resort. Agree, take a trip favorite exercise bike or treadmill that will save your figure from gastronomic frills buffet is simply unrealistic.

Already one week of daily exercises with a rope you can see the results, weight loss and legs, and waist become more slender. If not quit doing anything training, for some time after the press and hip acquire a beautiful relief, and buttocks are dense and strong. But for the sake of such an effect other girls «shed seven pots» in the gym.

How to choose a rope

The simulator is selected in accordance with the growth of man. Correctly selected the length of the rope will allow you to exercise more and more clearly, creating for the muscles of the maximum load. Coming in sports or even a children’s store, take a skipping-fold in half and pull hand, holding both the handles of a simulator together. Jump rope should touch the floor, but should not lie on it. In figures choosing the right simulator looks like this:

  • growth up to 152 cm – jump rope (210 cm;
  • growth 152-167 cm – jump rope length 250 cm;
  • growth 168-183 cm – jump rope length of 280 cm;
  • higher growth is 184 cm – jump rope length 310 see

How to choose a rope to lose weight? Indeed, a difficult question, if we consider that today in спорттоварах sold and children, and speed, and weighted and even electronic (with calorie counter) simulators. Beginners are recommended to use a high-speed or electronic rope. When you already get used to the pace of the exercise and to establish effective duration of the training, you can go to утяжеленному option – this will not only lose weight, and simulate your body.

How to lose weight by skipping ropes – important rules

  1. The first 2-3 days, hop on the spot without skipping ropes, to prepare the body for future loads.
  2. If during performance of exercises with a rope strongly gets out of breath, let yourself relax for a few seconds, but not completely stop.
  3. Weight loss will be held as soon as possible if you combine the rope with a Hoop and reasonable restriction in food.
  4. The duration of the session jumps at the beginning of training is not more than 15 minutes 2-3 times a week. During this time you can reset 200-250 calories. When your respiratory system gets used to the load (after 1.5-2 weeks), you can gradually increase the duration of employment for 5 minutes, until bring them up to 30-50 minutes.
  5. To speed up the process of losing weight, jump on the rope can be several times a day.
  6. The initial position of the body for almost all exercises with a rope – straight back, feet together, elbows bent. In each hand, hold the end of the skipping rope. Back forward not to tilt, eyes on the floor is not omitted.
  7. Elbows to keep as close to the skin – over time it will help you learn to move skipping only the power of the wrist.
  8. Training should begin with the heating of all muscles. By actively RUB their hands for a few minutes.
  9. Muscles during classes do not strain – the more you are relaxed, the easier you will be given jumping.
  10. Very high jumps do not necessarily more calories it will not burn, but you will tire faster.
  11. Great if after a workout, you take a walk and take a warm shower.
  12. Each exercise of the following complex beginner should be carried out within 2 minutes.

Complex of exercises with a rope slimming abdomen, legs, calves

Single jumps. Slowly turn the rope and jump, starting from the floor socks. During the landing slightly bend your knees. One jumping corresponds to one full sweep of the simulator. Gradually accelerate.

Double jumps. All the same, only one turn skipping ropes have two jumps. This exercise helps to recover his breath, because it occurs slowly.

Jumping to the side. Jump to the left and right, and then backwards and forwards.

Straddle jump. Exercise is performed at a fast pace on each. Jumps are made on one then the other leg. Clearly, it will look like simulation running on the spot.

High-speed jumps. Very fast paced exercises, during which the need to raise above the knees.

The slopes. Turn skipping rope several times and hold them for their ends. Hands pull off before a start to bend forward. In this case, it helps to lose weight in the waist and get rid of the fat folds on the sides and back.

The turns. Proceed the same way as in the previous case, only do not bend, and turn the body alternately to the left and to the right. This lesson rope will help reduce the volume of the abdomen.

Jump rope exercises for beginners

Disadvantages skipping ropes for slimming

Jumping rope is child’s play, but for our adult weight loss should be aware of the presence of some contraindications to such classes, namely:

  • heart disease;
  • hypertension;
  • curvature of the spine;
  • problems with joints.

Basically, it’s all situations in which the use of a rope instead of losing weight can clearly reflected in harm to health. But get preliminary consultation with the doctor before beginning these exercises did not prevent.

Jump rope for slimming leg and abdomen – reviews and results

Nadia, 24 years. Rope I decided to meet once heard a story slimming one person. For six months he managed to throw 60 kg (starting weight he had 120 kg) only with the help of прыгалок. Started by a man with a 2-minute workouts and gradually reached a point that can jump more than 10 consecutive hours. Cool! For a month, I put off until only 5 kg

Olesya, 27 years. Weight loss using a rolling pin is something unreal! Jump for two weeks – effect of super. And his stomach was less and cushions on the sides of the left, and buttocks significantly tightened, and cellulite decreased, and nasty «breeches» on the hips began to melt. In General I will continue to and recommend as a Supplement to balanced system of power.

Arina, 25 years. The extra weight I have, but the willpower to sit on a diet and constantly to join a gym or, at least, run in the mornings is not enough. Lessons on the rope – the best you can get for weight loss. Only in the very beginning of the training I had trouble pulled tendon. When recovered, corrected his main mistake – while jumping to land on the whole foot and not on the toes.

Katerina, 30 years. For three weeks I really felt how effective a jump rope for weight loss. At first, I have to admit doubt. Jump three times a week for half an hour and already lost 3 cm waist and 2 cm high at the hips.

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