Japanese pedicure

Японский педикюрKnowledge Eastern sages of all times was considered very useful and important. Even today, Japan is a leader in the market of technologies and cosmetology.

Body care is equivalent to the sacred rituals, everything must be in harmony and balance. Every year they make the news. One of these is the Japanese socks pedicure.

This is a fairly new type of service, but he quickly gained the love of the Soviet citizens. The main difference from simple pedicure, that uses only natural ingredients, up to the instruments. Use only wooden orange sticks, and the nail plate feed powder pearl.

The process is divided into several stages:

– First – master examines your nails, carefully handle the cuticle, makes dry massage with the help of special pastes and powders.
– The second is applied therapeutic serum, made personally to you.
The third, final, massage your feet in a special warm Uzvara of herbs.

What do you think about the new clients, read below. And so the Japanese pedicure reviews :

Marina 24 years. First tried to do a pedicure – novelty somewhere half a year ago. The skin on my feet dry and rough. Thought has no help. Master suggested to try and I’m not sorry. Long forgotten that this is not a pleasant feeling of dryness. Now I want to try again and socks from the Japanese miracle-masters.

Elvira 30 years. Decide to pamper yourself a novelty in the SPA. The mood that it did not exist. To my chagrin, the big difference is not noticed. Or not yet finalized our masters or procedure is useless.

It happens that there is no hunting constantly run in a pedicure and here to help special socks (Baby Foot), which is located inside a special gel (acid from apples, grapefruit, citrus; oil, calendula, chamomile, horsetail, burdock, sage).

Thanks to them you get soft and pink heels. Legs less swollen, slows down the aging process and completely get rid of the “old skin”.

This requires one hour to walk in socks, then remove with soap and good wash the feet. Do not be afraid, for seven days the skin will go down, that’s fine.

Socks disposable, double-are not used, and the effects can last for up to three months.

Japanese socks pedicure feedback:

Rita 35 years. Before the Day of Birth, decided to stand in a new way. Dyed changed the haircut, made manicure well and bought socks from Japanese manufacturers. The result shocked me, in good sense of this word. A little skin peeled off, at first I was scared, but after a couple of days all senses. All advise, you will not regret.

Marina 27 years. Sister bought these miracle socks, after the procedure was still liquid inside, here and persuaded me to try it. I spent two hours, as indicated in the instructions. Three days later, the skin crawled like a snake, I even got scared. But in her place appeared pink, tender and soft. To be honest I didn’t really believe in this procedure, but the result was worth it. Even the cuticle brushed. In all, a very useful thing.

Olga 23 years. As for me they are quite useless. Bought I mean these Baby Foot, did everything according to the instructions. Three days later feet became silent horror. Leather climbed a huge chunks, but it didn’t stop there. Thought the heels will be as in advertising, and it was not there, they were like sandpaper, rough and not pleasant to the touch. Barely survived this terrible period. The street was afraid to seem few weeks. Does anyone to buy, don’t know what’s in there, so it skin climbs.

Summing up, we can say that the Japanese manicure pedicureis a breakthrough in the world of cosmetology. Though he does not enjoy great popularity in the salons and very vain. Because the procedure is designed to enhance and revitalize your nails. Material use only natural. Individual approach to the preferences of each client.

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