Japanese manicure

Published admin Date: December 6th, 2013

Японский маникюрHello readers of a blog http://nails-art-design.com! Today theme for discussion – Japanese manicure!

Japanese manicure it is good and popular system of care for natural nails. Japanese manicure photo contributes to the strengthening of the nail plate and nail growth, nutrition and recovery prone to cracks nail platinum. Japanese manicure cannot be called ordinary aesthetic care. Japanese manicure video it is a full complex of procedures for nail care, to create favorable conditions for their healthy growth. Japanese manicure technology fit the same as a man and a woman and no matter what time of year. Japanese eco manicure is carried out using only organic materials. Japanese manicure масура the most often recommended after removing the extended nails, when the nail plate most malnourished and fragile. Learning Japanese manicure performed by the best masters who have long been familiar with the technique масуры.

Technological process nail treatment by the Japanese method is 60 minutes and consists of some of the key stages:

  1. If you choose set for the Japanese manicure, the master starts fat from the nail surface. This is a standard step for all маникюров.
  2. Special wooden stick adjusted nail edge until the desired client form.
  3. There are a large number of nail delaminations, polished plate using block sawing.
  4. Carrying out a preliminary analysis of the nail, the wizard selects сыроватку, which he will be applied to its surface. Such individual approach to solving the problem is very important, as the problems are different. The main thing that the client would then himself in the process do not forget to paint the nail with a special solution.
  5. Apply on the skin around the nail with a special liquid cuticle with огурцовым extract. She deeply prepare delicate skin for further exposed and keeps wooden wands remove excess skin.
  6. Consistently apply a massage gel on the nail and околоногтевую zone, gently massaging. Mitigation of conduct with the help of mineral funds and jojoba oil. Completing this stage water massage of the hands of the customer with the help of a special скрабирующего stone.
  7. With ribbons on dry nail surface master puts a special mineral pasta, rich useful for nail substances. It contains peptides, keratin and pearl particles. This paste will fill all the grooves and cracks on the nail. Apply a paste smooth movements, and after that nail the gleam appears that master secures with the help of a special nail mineral powders.
  8. Polishing powder not only keeps glitter nail after the procedure, and this becomes a protective carrying case for claw in which it lives and breathes.
  9. The nail is applied again therapeutic customized to the client serum and after it dries, edge cuticle processed oil Lotus.
  10. The technology of Japanese massage great attention is paid to massage. Cold or hot, using special aromatic bags. And nursing care and aromatherapy at the same time. In this type of massage is applied and salt, rich in minerals and oil with nutritional supplements.
  11. After completion of this massage is carried out thorough rubbing soothing oil into the nail and cuticle.

The procedure is complex Japanese manicure Spa-care. In sequence on the hands applied exfoliating peeling with oils of rare plants. Then we apply the cream with ylang & secured all after drying cream with extract of Jasmine.Japanese manicure it is difficult and even called a manicure. This kind of treatment, care for nail. This is not just a cosmetic procedure, rather it is a method of treatment of nails.

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