Hypocholesterolemia diet

Гипохолестериновая диетаMultiple number of people suffering from the abnormal level of cholesterol in the blood. As you know, it brings harm to General health and can cause some serious diseases. The reason for this may be a huge amount of consumption of sweets and fatty foods. Nutritionists experience has developed this type, as hypocholesterolemia diet. Using this diet may not only get rid of the disease, but also to lose weight, that is, diet is harmless and can be used for preventive purposes. This diet is recommended for those who suffer from hypolactasia, atherosclerosis, dyslipidemia and diseases that are associated with the cardiovascular system.

Hypocholesterolemia diet menu excludes foods that have a large amount of cholesterol. If properly comply with all the conditions, then the effect will be positive – health to improve weight decrease. If it is impossible to completely restrict yourself from fat, you need its consumption be reduced to a minimum. The basic right is to forget the burgers and chops, about the sandwiches with butter and salads with mayonnaise. Especially harmful animal fats, so it’s best to eat a diet of meat, steamed. Vegetable oil is allowed to consume in small quantities. Hypocholesterolemia diet products table indicates that fresh fish is quite useful for people who suffer from high cholesterol. You can eat all kinds of fish, including oily. After all containing fish fatty, unsaturated acids have a beneficial effect on the General condition of the human body. But there is one nuance – such food cannot be eaten fried. Also you should include in your diet vegetables, salads, cereals, and light soups. You can use seasonings in small doses. For dessert you can eat jelly homemade. This is the perfect hypocholesterolemia diet menu for a week.

Hypocholesterolemia diet table products suggests that poultry and meat can be eaten without fat and skin. Broth can be eaten after it has cooled completely, and will remove the fat layer. Fried food should be excluded from the diet completely and give their preference to boiled. Instead of mayonnaise, it is recommended to use spice and lemon juice.

Hypocholesterolemia diet recipes are very different and a lot of them. Consider the most common hypocholesterolemia diet recipes.

Recipe No. 1

Porridge “striped”.

To do this we need 1 tbsp rice, buckwheat, millet, lentils and chopped corn, all this is put in a steamer in a special Department. Sleep is necessary to make several layers, then all that is necessary to process steam. Remove the rice cooker, take 2 protein eggs and beat them, then the resulting mass to fill, without mixing and bake for 10 minutes in pre-heated oven (ABA). If desired, the dish, sprinkle with spices.

Recipes hypocholesterolemia diet No. 2, lovers of sweets, when the person is almost impossible to refuse dessert.

Fruit dessert

Take 200g currants, 5 apples, 2 tablespoons fructose, 200 g fat-free cottage cheese. Fructose, fruit and cheese, whipped blender, apples cut into two parts, cleaned seeds and baked in the oven until soft. The pulp is extruded with a spoon mixes, and re-stuffed halves.

Hypocholesterolemia diet 10 – this Goji berries, Tibetan Goji berries and Goji berry.

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