How to wash away tan

Как смыть автозагарUnfortunately, the funds for tanning is not always produce the desired result. Which is not the case of free software for the computer, downloaded on Oh, what am I… now, it happens that sometimes after applying the tanning the skin is covered with yellow spots, stains, acquires «leopard» color. This may be due to the low quality of used cosmetics, and with the wrong technique application. Then the only thing that beats in my head, is to think «as you can wash off the tanning».

If unsuccessful application tanning preceded by important event, the question naturally arises: as QUICKLY rinse tan. There are some ways that will help wash away or make much less noticeable hated stains from deposited on the skin tanning. For a couple of hours bronzing not delete, but, for example, five to seven sessions peeling do quite possible.

So, how to wash off with bronzing body. The first thing to do is to steam out the skin. To do this, soak in the bath for about 30 minutes, after which treat the skin peels, or hard sponge. Base tools for tanning quite possible to remove from the skin and in this way, but if the same tool was used class «Lux», for cleaning the skin will require more time and effort. If the hand has a lotion or lotion for make up removal, it is possible to adapt and to remove unnecessary spots tanning. This method is considered the most attenuated. Especially effective against tanning those means which have alcohol.

If the means by which you tried to make a chocolate sunburn, is considered to be of high quality, to cleanse the skin will require more hard measures. The most effective means in this case are the lemon juice, diluted with water in proportion 1:1, pure alcohol, or 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide. Note that these tools are very dry skin, so after using the skin to moisturize.

How to wash away tan face. For this purpose usually use the tools that are lightening effect. For example, often advise a clay mask or lemon juice, which quickly lighten the skin. You can also use brightening toner, if any at hand.

If at the time of tan you have not protected the skin of the hands after the procedure, the palm can buy a sloppy appearance. Immediately the question arises: «how to wash away the self tan with the palms?». To easily wash tan with handprints, they should soar and process pumice. If the effect after this minimum will help lemon juice, salicylic acid or hydrogen peroxide. Darkened nails are usually treated with acetone. Armed with these tips, you will be ready to use the funds for tanning, because now you know how to wash away tan in case of unsatisfactory results.

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