How to teach the child to the potty

Как приучить ребенка к горшкуHow to teach the child to the potty

The child grows, learns more about the world and learns, there comes a time when we should teach the child to use the potty. When and  as accustom the child to the potty the issue is controversial, and there’s a certain period, when the need to do this. Kids are different, there are weakened by illness, and can be and mental retardation, you have to proceed from the abilities of the child. We conclude that this case is purely personal for everyone.
Typically, you begin to teach your baby with 6-7 months, but some do it later.
First you must choose the right pot, from the choice of much depends, because the child may not understand, why the need for the subject and can perceive things are not so.
In the shops is a great choice of pots, shelves crammed with originality and bright colors, but should stick to certain rules to avoid problems in the future.

How to choose a pot:
– pot must be normal and without music ( or music or accustom to potty);
– pot should be a neutral color, and to be like the pot, not a big stuffed toy, a child can perceive the pot as a toy and begin playing. Create a new headache.
– pot must be sustainable, so that the child is not turned him over on getting up;
– suitable in size ( better in the future, buy a bigger);
The pot must set so that the child saw it and could use it, when will understand, what for it is needed.

What are the ways and how to teach the child to the potty.
after food withstand several hours and try to land on the pot;
– if a baby is screaming, crying don’t you long to keep the pot;
– no need to shout or swear, if not turned to «go» into the pot;
– if you still could get in a pot you must praise him ( he wants to please the mother);
– no need to bother the child and constantly showing on the pot;
– you can put the baby in diapers that he is used to.

Как приучить ребенка к горшкуIf the child afraid of the pot, how to teach, he may cry and throw tantrums, seeing the pot, parents need not become hysterical, you must leave the child alone, and after a few weeks again to retry. He needs to get used to, because it was for a child something new in his life, and he may not understand what they wanted. So accustom the child should gradually because, for him, this is the kind of trauma and in the future may cause negative.

You need to look carefully for the child and at the first signs (red, straining, wheezing) put on a pot (seize the moment).

Over time, the kid will understand what he wants and what to do, just have some patience, because quickly teach the child to the potty ‘t work. To two years of the child himself will ask for a pot or show gestures. Some are beginning to think how to teach the child to the potty at night, don’t have to Wake and shook the child and to pull it also smaller for the night, let’s drink, and in the morning quickly on the potty.    As can be seen,  how to teach a child to the potty is, and most importantly you need to stock up on a lot of patience and not to be lazy once again put the baby on the potty.

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