How to teach a child to sleep

Как научить ребенка спатьHow to teach a child to sleep alone? This question sooner or later is set to 90% of parents, techniques already developed a great variety. But since all children are unique – there is no single trouble-free way of taking theory into reality. Many sources recommend to achieve this goal, laying the baby in the crib before he falls asleep (and not «tolerate» a sleeping baby». It certainly sounds very difficult, and reasonably. But how to realize the good things in life?A small child is difficult to learn how to calm down, but you can help him to learn it. To do this, you must create the right conditions, and if the baby is ready for this (usually it reaches the desired stage of development in 3-6 months of age), you can easily implement independent dream. Here everything is interconnected, for example, it is difficult to teach the baby to crawl, if you wear it on your hands. He simply will not need somewhere to crawl, and so will it be until you begin to leave your baby alone with yourself, and toys at a respectful distance. Also with self-putting to sleep – if you always rocking the child on the night and give the chest – he was soon to learn.

So, how to push the baby? First you must develop mode. That is, every evening, tuck him in bed at a certain time. Where does that get you? Each person has a biological clock, in the case of baby accustomed to a specific time, you make it easier to fall asleep. On reaching the sleep time his body will be already ready to fall asleep, remains very little. Read a little tale for the night, gently hug and kiss. In our family practiced ritual before going to sleep, baby turns hugs and kisses to all members of the family, says Goodnight (taught 2 years). If daily repeat these steps, the end of the tale, a hug and a kiss will be a kind of signal for his(her) body – «time to sleep». But remember, after the completion of the procedures kid has to be very sleepy, but still not sleeping. Put him in his bed, leave the night light(so he was not afraid).
Got little children, which is pretty easy to fit, without hysterics tears and whims. There are also such, which require long-term training, the biggest difficulties with the children, which are accustomed to fall asleep while feeding and motion sickness. Better and warmer mother’s or father’s hands there is nothing, and by teaching the child to your hands, don’t forget that you will then very hard to wean. Remember, to learn to be placed to sleep on their own, you must create a baby favorable conditions, and also their stand that the kid saw your steadfastness and accepted the fact that tears and cries, he don’t переубедит.

There is another option, which helped quite a lot. It consists in increasing distance. You put the crib crumbs chair. Every day pushes the chair towards the door 30-40 see And so until you with a chair not leave my room. To implement this method takes time and perseverance.
Or you can just lay your baby in bed, kiss the night and immediately out of the room, then periodically checking asleep whether the baby.

And of course, you should never forget that for the kid is very important to fill. This skill will help it to last longer sleep, and sleep easy after a night’s revival. As a result, the body crumbs receives a complete rest, which is extremely necessary for the healthy growth of the organism. In addition, the ability to relax the nervous system will need in later life. For example, when you have to be excommunicated, and leave it with a nanny or a grandmother.

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