How to restore the skin of hands with hot manicure?


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Now, when your skin is most in need of restoration after the winter, actual hot manicure. He is also known as: royal, oil, medical, and is one of the variants of the classical or European manicure.

This is a fantastic, very pleasant procedure, during which the customer’s hands are placed in the heated spa with a special creamy solution, lotion or oil. There are a number of cases in which this technique manicure even help fulfill the role of “first aid” for your hands and nails.

Hot manicure is a must for you:

during the recovery period after the treatment of nail,

in the treatment of damaged or very inflamed cuticles

in reconstruction of fragile and thin nails

for very dry and dehydrated skin of hands, wrinkles and cracks,

with pimples,

in childhood, when the cuticle is too vulnerable, it is very tender and delicate,

when the blood vessels are located too close to the surface of the skin,

in the cold season, when the temperature drops, when dry skin increases

Good news – contraindications for hot manicure not. However, there are advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of hot manicure:

has an overall positive impact on the hands,

increases blood circulation,

removes burrs

opens the pores to further care products to better penetrate the skin,

makes the skin extremely soft,

slows the growth of the cuticle,

strengthens nails, making them less brittle,

eliminates skin dryness and flaking

stimulates and activates the growth of nails

prevents splitting the nail plate,

has a positive impact on the joints of the hands,

relieves stress hands

suitable for men and children

has no contraindications,

no discomfort during the procedure,

can be combined with any method of processing the cuticle,

has a therapeutic effect

Deficiencies hot manicure procedure is not too much. This is – the cost of the procedure, which is by far one of the expensive and equipment. The fact that the device is suitable for hot manicure, a special electric heater with two. At the first lotion or oil for 10-15 minutes until heated temperature +36 +55 ° C, the second temperature reached should be maintained at the same level.

Tray, which is placed in the hands of the client during the procedure have to be disposable. Lotion, oil, cream hot manicure contain huge kolichesvto nutrients and beneficial for skin ingredients: glycerin, lanolin, mineral oil. Feature and advantage of the lotion is the uniqueness of its formula and structure. The latter remains the same during heating and is not split into fats and water.


hot manicure

The technology of hot manicure procedures

Hot manicure in a sense – similar paraffin. However, it is prohibited to those who have a hand in the skin damage. Hot as manicures no contraindications.

Hot manicure technique is divided into several stages:

hand disinfection and customer master

purification of the nail plate from the old varnish

modeling of the shape and length of the nails,

filing and polishing of the nail plate,

peeling of hands

alternate soaking in the tub by hand (usually 10 to 15 minutes)

hand massage

move aside the cuticle with a special orange sticks, pumice stone or an iron rod with a rubber tip,

Cuticle (any acceptable method for you and depending on the condition of skin in general, and in particular the cuticle)

cleaning hands of lotion

nail polish,

application of lacquer on the nails or tonic (at your option)

Also hot manicure – a great way to enhance the effect of using the cream or lotion. The reason is that in the process of steaming hands in the bath, the pores open up more, and all the nutrients contained in the cream into the skin cells fall faster and harder.

Hot manicure procedure can be repeated 2 to 4 times a month.

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