How to remove stretch marks

Как убрать растяжкиStretch marks on your skin usually appear after birth, breast feeding, if the dialed weight person sharply decided to lose weight. Just depends on the skin, if the skin is elastic, elastic, stretch marks will be easy to get rid of. Stretch marks in the chest, abdomen, buttocks. It is easier to prevent the appearance of stretch marks than the long-term treatment and long to get rid of them. By the color of the stretch marks are white, pink, even blue. On form – narrow or wide. Type of course is unsightly and complexes can develop.

If stretch marks appeared, not to be sad, because you can remove stretch marks at home not necessary to spend money on expensive clinic. Simple and affordable ways. You can make a mixture of salt and cream (in equal proportions), all mix well and RUB in those places where there are stretch marks. As dry, rinse with water (without soap that would not dry the skin). After such a procedure is necessary to moisten the skin, apply the oil ( vegetable or olive oil). Mislead in thinking, the more expensive the cosmetics, the better. Yes, the effect will be fast, but not for long.

    On the question, how to remove stretch marks after delivery women need to think even during pregnancy and in advance to fight for their prevention and appearance. It is desirable to use lifting cream.

Postpartum stretch marks may appear faster in the chest (skin soft and thin, stretched). Well in this case help wraps, peels, injections ( at the clinic), various creams rich with vitamins (tocopherol and retinol), and amino acids. Massage is recommended lightweight ( stroking). You can also use a rubdown and shower ( cold). All this will give skin elasticity and help get rid of stretch marks.

If you have stretch marks on the abdomen, in this case, you can  remove stretch marks laser in the clinic. It’s a painless procedure (feeling pinching, scratching)heals a few weeks, stretch marks are smoothed out. This procedure is carried out at a old stretch marks.

These methods do not help  remove stretch marks on his buttocks. In this case, the effect will be the use of salt scrubs or ground coffee, massage (done from the bottom up, grasping the hips, buttocks). As well help exercise, gymnastics or jumping rope. For prevention, which would then not to think how to remove stretch marks, be well humidify a skin, using various creams. You must use every day. Remember, the longer stretch marks, the harder it is to get rid of them. You need to eat right (more vegetables and fruits), drink water in large quantities.

If nothing helps, you must make an appointment and learn can I remove stretch marks, what methods are used. When pregnancy is no need to ignore wearing a special bandage linen. If you follow all of the above can be to keep your skin in perfect condition.
Intimate plastic labia minora – at this point is very important procedure for many women. Often, this need arises because of anaesthetic looks crotch. Some of this occurs after childbirth, when during the birth of the baby’s lips broke or were cut, and after that they are not covered properly.

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