How to make the shape of nails “almond”: tips for beginners

Как сделать форму ногтей «миндаль»: советы начинающим

Modern manicure is not just the nail, is a science of beauty. Not all of them have beautiful shape of nail and therefore can be corrected with the help of several tools.

There are several types for correcting nail shapes, but the most popular is almond. This form is considered a classic and stays on top of the fashion trends for several seasons. Its name this form is received due to the similarity with almonds. To do almond shape nails not just: the absence of sharp corners, the middle of the nail more than the edges. It is very important to nail form on all the nails was the same.

Almond shape visually extend the fingers, but not the correct one may emphasize the shortcomings of the nail plate in General. Natural nail plate is difficult to alter to almonds, if the shape of the nail bed, such as a short and square. With the advent of the fashion for artificial nails appeared different shapes of nails that the acrylic or the gel easier to perform.

It is worth remembering that almond shaped nails are not very practical, can break easily, especially when the nails are natural. The almond shape is very suitable for hands with short fingers or hand with plump tassels, as well as those who like to wear nails of medium length.

Step-by-step almond-shaped nails.

Materials and tools:

  • nail file (the thinner the nail plate the higher the abrasive to the nails to peel);
  • tweezers;
  • nail scissors;
  • rectangular buff with a different abrasive on each side.

Как сделать форму ногтей «миндаль»: советы начинающим

Start working

1. To start with I washed down the nail plate. To shorten the nails, it is necessary one movement of the tweezers. To start place an almond on the nails, it is necessary with square shape.

2. Now the nail file smooth movements zapilivaem sharp corners, turning on an elongated trapeze, so there should be four corners. The nail file is very important to work from the edge to the center so that nails are not stratified. For the artificial material is not very important.

3. This step is required to finalize almond shape with the help of a buff and Polish all the nails.

At first glance, to run almond-shaped form is not difficult, but practice plays an important role. All aspiring wizards need a lot of practical skills that almond shape was obtained in all the nails the same. Never too late to learn, and every aspiring wizard will be able to overcome this science.

Как сделать форму ногтей «миндаль»: советы начинающим

Как сделать форму ногтей «миндаль»: советы начинающим

Как сделать форму ногтей «миндаль»: советы начинающим

Design for nails with almond free edge to choose not difficult. The classic French manicure, colored French, Chinese painting, lace, casting – all this looks great on oval nails. Oval nails you can just cover with a transparent varnish and it will look elegant. Concise manicure in the style of “nude” can be decorated with rhinestones or fashionable minx design. The easiest and most beautiful way to decorate your nails is to cover the solid surface and to select one or two finger pattern.
Several trial lessons and a sufficient amount of practical training will help you learn how to do almond shape nails without errors. Do almonds for the nails themselves and their loved ones to please others.

Как сделать форму ногтей «миндаль»: советы начинающим

Как сделать форму ногтей «миндаль»: советы начинающим

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