How to lose weight at home

как быстро похудетьThe summer is coming, and many girls are seriously puzzled by the question «how to lose weight quickly at home«.
Actually, this question is worldwide, and not only the female half of humanity. In our time, fast foods and convenience foods obesity mankind becomes a really serious problem. To get rid of extra pounds is extremely important integrated approach proper nutrition + regular exercise are a recipe for success. And the most important thing to understand clearly, that You really have to.

«How to lose weight in thighs» and «how to lose weight in my stomach» – this question interested in more than 40,000 Russian-speaking people in the day!

таблетки для похуденияI also think it is important to consider questionable methods using drugs, which are highly likely to damage your health. I hope for your prudence, most advertisements and sites where the sound of the phrase «how to quickly lose weight in a week and offers a miracle supplements are a fraud. In fact, if you and lose weight with these tools – they will damage your internal organs, and very often the weight comes back, even with unpleasant additional «bonus». So I beg you, do not look for easy and fast ways – they simply not, and those people, who did you promise the crooks and charlatans.
In order to understand how to properly remove inches in the waist it is important to understand where they come from, which can lead to inaction, as of them to get rid of and make the waist thin and attractive, and tummy-screen and fit. That’s about all this and talk in the article.

Where does the fat waist?

жир на животе– consumption of calories (regular overeating);
– frequent dining at fast food (the food from there due to the specifics of cooking is very thick, it has a lot of cholesterol);
– a sedentary lifestyle (usually it is for those working at the computer or behind the wheel – there-a man is slow moving, and calorie intake are not spent and deposited in the waist area);
– stress. Under the stress of the human body produces a hormone cortisol. This hormone is characteristic that he causes the body reaction accumulation of fats, triggered a self-preservation instinct. And if усесть that many prefer to «stick» stresses a delicious meal (ice-cream, chocolate, sweets) this combination just explosive – extra pounds appear easy on the eyes.

Moreover, the emergence of excessive fat in the waist area may be due to indigestion. Bowel movements should be regular, otherwise fecal accumulate. Begins intoxication (toxins through the walls of the intestine are absorbed). Works as a «protective system» – the body begins to store fat tissue around the intestine to prevent the penetration of toxins. Therefore, if you are in accumulation of fat around the waist – обследуйтесь for problems with the digestive tract.

How dangerous the extra inches in the waist?

As in principle excess weight (regardless of the specific location) overweight is the cause of diseases of cardiovascular system, diabetes, problems with the veins ( in connection with the big load of developing diseases such as varicose veins, thrombophlebitis).

жир окружает органыFat in the abdominal area surrounding the abdominal organs, taking up all the space between them. Big belly can also mean the accumulation of fluid in the body, that too is not good. This phenomenon is often kidney disease or heart failure. Fat accumulated in the abdominal cavity very often inhibits sexual function person, violates the function of sexual glands. And we covered all the possible problems only in General terms. But from this you can make an unambiguous conclusion – the extra weight can bring health problems, so it needed to fight, it is simply vital.


How to lose weight at home?

In this article, I pay more attention to weight loss, abdominal, and therefore will tell about the possibilities of weight loss in this area.
If you have a great desire to lose weight quickly in waist – there are opportunities for that.
First of all, should start with a colon cleansing.
Options for cleaning the colon is not really much, but with the purpose of weight loss recommend to clean it enemas, and then restore it жмыхами.

что такое клизмаEnema – the simplest and most accessible way to clean the bowel. But these procedures are widely known side effect of constipation after the end of treatment. It is therefore advisable enema those who suffer from constipation and problems with the intestines. In this case, the likelihood of impacts is reduced. If you’re a healthy, we recommend some time to think and weigh whether to create additional problems for his health. I would like to clarify that many people underestimate the effectiveness of enemas. Although in vain. For years of life on the walls of the intestines is postponed large quantities of toxins that are cleaned with enemas. With the weight about 100 kg, only with enemas you can get rid of 15-20 kilogram of gross weight.

To maximize the effect of cleaning enemas, in the days of the procedures need to fast (i.e. consume more plant, fish food). Very good use of rice – it is itself cleanses the intestines, together with enemas just works wonders.

I would like in this article, pay attention to two schemes colon cleansing – Щадилову Is, and Semenova N.

Scheme of colon cleansing by Щадилову E.

Ideal for those who are afraid of making a lot of enemas, but nevertheless eager to clean the intestines. It is much softer system Semenova, and, as a consequence, gives less impressive results in terms of weight loss. In this system, you will need to make 11 enemas. The interval between the first and second enema will be 5 days, a second and a third – four days, then three, two, and one day. from the seventh to the eleventh enema you do them every day (for five days).

Scheme of colon cleansing by Semenova N.

– much harder. But the effectiveness she is much higher. Within two weeks, place the enema 2 times a day – in the morning on an empty stomach and in the evening before dinner, or at night. If you want to clean the intestines to get rid of extra pounds – we recommend to do this upon the scheme Semenova, you are sure to see the rapid decrease of pounds on the scales.

How to lose weight at home – cleanse the bowel.

Cleanup rules, for any schema.

  1. Take a two litre plastic rubber hot water bottle (mug esmarkha), pour a half to two liters of water, there pour a tablespoon of salt, 1 teaspoon of lemon juice or cider vinegar (natural(!)).
  2. Note – if you have gastritis with high acidity, and as a consequence – spastic constipation, instead teaspoon acid, solution add a teaspoon of baking soda.
  3.  To stimulate the work of intestine, water enema poured into the room temperature, that is, 16-22 degrees.
  4. Note – if you have gastritis with high acidity, and as a consequence – spastic constipation, the temperature of the water enema should be 37-42 degrees. Then it will relax the muscles of the intestine.
  5.  The water use boiled, volume depends on the growth of man. Than you above, the longer your bowels, and the greater should be the amount of enemas.
  6.  If you do an enema, lying in the bathroom – you much simpler this unpleasant procedure.
  7.  Women during menstruation do enemas is strictly prohibited. The best day to start the purification procedures – the third day after the menses.
  8. Upon completion of the course enemas, we have to immediately start procedures for restoring healthy microflora. For this you should start taking drugs containing bifidobacteria (Бифидобактерин, Linex, БиоВестин etc) and start taking meal or infusion of oil from flax seed. We recommend to adhere to dietary during the week, after the end of the purification of intestines. In case you will not emptying within 2-3 days, take a laxative (a table spoon of the leaves of the Seine or bark krushin, pour a glass of boiling water, after 20-30 minutes, strain and drink before bedtime). The desired effect occurs approximately 9-11 hours.
  9. In order to avoid hemorrhoid – do not use toilet paper! Much more useful and more hygienic undermine water, well, or at worst to use baby wipes).

Bran for weight loss.

отруби для похудения

Let’s now dwell in more detail on the topic «bran slimming«.

Bran really a unique product, and its charms cannot be underestimated. With them you can not only produce the purification of intestines from toxins and lose weight without exercise stress, bath procedures and exhausting strict diets.

What is it? Bran (soy, wheat, rye) is a product that remains after grinding the seeds in the flour. They consist of wholemeal flour and grain shells. When grinding, one-fifth of the total mass of grain remains in the form of bran that is considered as waste production.

The most important advantage of bran is a food fiber. It is insoluble, rough hard and нерасщепляемый углевом. She, in turn, is an excellent environment for the normal microflora of the intestine, so bran are often used in treatment of various dysbacteriosis. In addition, bacteria living in the gut eat fiber, and as a result emit vitamins of group B.

In contact with water, food fiber swells, creating increased volume of feces, they loose with them intestine easier emptied and cleaned from the slag deposits on the walls. Regular use of bran people suffering from constipation, will forget this unpleasant illness.

The fight against obesity is cellulose, which makes up 35-40% of bran. When the content of a large number of fiber in the diet, it is much longer absorbed, thereby gives satiety much more time, in addition there is a strengthening of intestinal peristalsis, the caloric value of the used energy food is reduced by reducing the suction substances.

Also bran is used for the prevention of atherosclerosis. In the structure of the bran there are also dietary fiber, which bind cholesterol. Diabetes eating bran reduces blood sugar levels.

Summing up, I would say that sound is a natural drug that is used in diabetes, obesity, constipation, dysbacterioses and for the prevention of oncological diseases of the colon. Also bran are widely used by people who are trying to eat properly.

But, as with all medicines, herbs, there are contraindications to the use of bran:

not recommended to use bran in the period of acute gastritis, colitis, infectious enteritis and ulcers. With remission of these diseases, you can start taking bran, but small portions.

How to use bran.

They are used finely перетертыми, in the form of flour. 3 times a day 20 minutes before a meal eats 2 tablespoons (10 grams of bran), squeezed glass of water. Drink bran water be sure to get the maximum benefit.

Daily maximum dose of use of bran – 30 grams. When immoderate consumption of bran you run the risk of bloating, disturb the function of the intestines, as well as a nasty disease – hypovitaminosis (as bran speed up your metabolism, you risk so speed it up, that food will «fly» through your digestive organs, without having to give any useful substances of the body).

And please remember, bran without water will not bring any results! Fibrous foods that give practical effect to work only when they swell from the water!!!

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