How to look stylish

как выглядеть стильной There is a saying “if you Want to look stylish – forget about fashion.” The sense of style does not affect the mod, it is given to man by birth. People who have a sense of style know that there is no need to look like a model at the last fashion show, these dresses are not for everyone and sit beautifully on each figure. So, how to look stylish and beautiful at the same time.

The stylish girl’s wardrobe is chosen according to the fashion requirements, it is mandatory. However, each piece of clothing should highlight all the advantages of its owner and is in any case not to focus attention on its shortcomings. In addition, a stylish woman should know the measure of individuality, that it is important to eliminate vulgarity and overkill of accessories (even megastyle). In addition, a very important selection of cosmetics, because your image is built with the details. CosmoGid — here you can buy high quality and inexpensive-cosmetics for every taste.

Where to start?

First, examine your figure, it is recommended to undress to my underwear and look myself in the mirror in natural light. It is important to assess not skeptical, adequately: initially looking for advantages, then disadvantages. Based on the obtained results, we select clothes. So you answer the question, as it looks stylish woman? – Stylish woman is a woman as far as things sit perfectly that not even catch your eye. So, in choosing clothes, it is recommended to adhere to the same rules as when applying makeup: allocated either eyes or lips and allocated to either the chest or hips.

Sometimes, in order to look slimmer girls are tight outfits, but it gives unexpected effect, you will look like the clothes are just bursting at the seams, indicating your excessive body weight. It is therefore important always to guess the size, remember, if you set yourself a goal and say “I want to look stylish”, the curvy shape of your figure in any way you will not interfere.

как выглядеть стильнойHow to look stylish, if you’re a little overweight? So, as you know, stylists recommend wearing tight clothes, ladies with slim figure. Having a prominent belly and in some places the fat, it is recommended to prefer outfits with a free edge, made of thick fabrics, as well as blouses and sweaters with the smell.

To visually lengthen a broad, short neck, it is advisable to purchase clothing with a V-shaped type. Blouses must be worn with an open collar. However, if you have the desire to highlight cleavage, dresses with a V-neck will not fit, it needs the clothes with a high collar.

How to look stylish summer. Here is an important color in the first place, it is necessary to determine the color type appearance, then apply the ready prompt, selecting colors of your makeup and outfit. Next, note that it is recommended to prefer one color (different colors) in a single outfit, otherwise you will not be an example, that as a woman look stylish, on the contrary will have a funny appearance. Studying rubric how to look stylish photos, we notice that this latest fashion is, above all, the combination of accessories with the style of a single image.

How to look stylish man – here everything is much simpler: the combination of colors and styles, neatness and cleanliness of dress, and of course the only accessory (bracelet or watch). Correctly combine accessories, men no need to show that he has a tie and a bow tie, chain, scarf, and bracelet with the watch. The main feature of men — restraint, and restraint means in everything!

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