How to identify a female character in color manicure?

color manicure

color manicure

Predict and anticipate the behavior of women is extremely difficult. Changing our attitudes can occur more than once and for a very short time. That’s the beauty and peculiarity of female nature. Our behavior is often due to our character.

Surprisingly, the favorite color of nail polish will help tell about the nature of women, if not all, a lot! WANT produced little tips for everyone to understand the psychology of women. Or at least try.

Pink tint in the style of Barbie

A bold, sexy, relaxed, indifferent to luxury woman.

Pale pink nail polish

Choose a conservative woman. Also, this elegant color like careerist. He looks restrained and at the same time feminine.


Choose bohemian rocker, keeping up with fashion, and sometimes even better than the new trends.

Coral and orange shades

Prefer women who are happy in the moment, or really want to be happy in the near future.

Neon green or blue

Loves a cheerful, talkative and sociable woman, whose motto is: “Life – a short piece, do not waste time!”

Transparent white

Will become self-confident woman who knows what she wants. This is not easy to get to change his opinion.

Red lacquer

Symbolizes passion, class, power, and romance. This woman wants to show that it is open, it can be in love and goes on a date.

Golden hue

It is the choice of this spetsialistok in the fashion industry. This girl knows a virtuoso in the trends, she gives the advice of friends and family.

Burgundy and purple

In manicure states that a woman is ready to cross the border at all. It is a bold and desperate, adventurous spirit and hovering around her. But at the same time, it is quite subtle shades that can select and bold hipstershi and refined business woman whose image is just finished a custom shade in manicure. Also relevant to the darker shades of evening out the light.

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