How to glue false eyelashes?

Как приклеить накладные ресницы фотоIn our time, every woman wants to have luxurious long, lush and clearly separated eyelashes, which will emphasize your deep eyes and make it mysterious, passionate and expressive. And this vision will not be able to make use of mascara, and more so for him to care, and wash his face too problematic.

Along with ink appeared false eyelashes, which is now used by Hollywood celebrities. The diversity of eyelashes will give you a unique style. Yes and hassle especially no. And what is most interesting, false eyelashes already started to be applied not only on holidays, but also in everyday life.

Today, false eyelashes are its diversity. There are two types of eyelashes is a continuous tape eyelashes and beams. Can any eyelashes to suit all tastes and needs. They come in different colors: black, blue, brown, silver, red, yellow, Golden, green. They can also be decoded feathers and various rhinestones.

Just before you decide false eyelashes, try on any image and decide, as if you wanted to look. Only then buy this tool.

How to glue false eyelashes?

To false eyelashes look on your face perfectly, were unique and natural, we in this article will tell you how to stick false eyelashes.

First you need to make the necessary makeup that remained in the end only to stick lashes, as gluing false eyelashes is the final stage makeup. Apply makeup on the eyes. Do everything sequentially: first shadow, mascara, eyeliner. If a woman straight lashes, you can curl with a Curling eyelashes.

It is very important to take care of glue. The type of eyelashes will be depends on how you will apply the adhesive. On a continuous arc with cilia will be quite a few drops of glue to fix them on century. At the expense of drawing of glue on the beam will discuss later. Experienced cosmetologists recommend that you do not need to save on quality of the glue, and it is better to buy a more expensive.

What can be glued false eyelashes?

False eyelashes, you may place as you wish. For this you can use any tweezers or just prijateli fingers. To start, simply attach eyelashes and see how they are longer and cut excess. Apply glue to false eyelashes and begin to press from the mid-century, and then flick the parties smoothing movements to internal and external corners.

You’ve pasted the cilia. Be sure to check whether they stuck to. In no case should not eyelashes to pull the ends, otherwise you will be stuck. Just a quick blink several times and make sure that there is no discomfort. Further to hire ink, preferably with effect curl, and podkresla all eyelashes. Just remember that false eyelashes and mascara need to pick up one tone.

How to glue false eyelashes beams?

First you need to choose the beams of the necessary length. Choose where you want to paste. If you put them in the middle, they visually increase eyes, as if to glue them to the outer corner of the eye, so it will look raised. Tweezers dip beam in glue, use your finger to pull the lid and put the beam at a distance of 1 mm to their cilia. Hold 40 minutes. In order eyes looked the same, glue beams on the left eye, on the right. And always start with the outside corner of the eye, because there are recorded the longest beams. After gluing slightly, you can pull to doubt that they will not fall out. Procraste all lashes mascara.

How to remove false eyelashes?

Can not pull out false eyelashes, since you can pull out and damage the structure of their native extensions. You need to soak cotton pads with warm water and put on 3-4 minutes for ever. Then apply a lotion, oil on a cotton swab and spend where glued eyelashes. Glue will soften and then we can take eyelashes at the outer edge and pull. Otkleivanii gently and slowly. After removing false eyelashes wipe eyelid special means, and apply a moisturizing and soothing cream.

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