How to cure varicose veins

Как вылечить варикозAnother disease XXl century is thrombosis, inflammation of the veins in the legs. Symptoms of the disease is a heavy legs, burning, swelling, convulsions at night. On the risk factor are full of people, those with severe physical and standing work, pregnant, bad heredity.

How to cure varicose veins in the legs? If not neglected enough to follow certain rules, you can avoid surgery and stop the disease.

It is not advisable to take hot baths, wearing badly tight fitting clothing is long standing. Try to return home, a couple of minutes to lie down with legs raised, this will reduce blood pressure in the veins.

For prophylaxis well with cold water to wash his feet, to swim a lot, if the disease is very clearly expressed, then wrap the affected sites elastic bandage, body weight puts pressure on the veins than aggravates the disease, bandage a little ease this pressure.

This is all assuming, not running form. Otherwise, you need to seek help from doctors.

Offer to begin to consider how to cure varicose veins in the home. You will need bark hazelnuts, pour boiling water and infuse for about six hours. Then take 50 grams for 30 minutes before eating.

Would be very useful applications of whey for the night, besides this there is a complex of physical exercises.

In addition to these funds, there are physical exercises that give a great effect, especially with regular performance. So how to cure varicose veins? Ideally, to prevent the disease, but if you do not work, then at a very advanced stage is a surgical intervention, and at the initial stages, it is possible to do. How to cure varicose veins without surgery, you will help dried nettle, make the infusion: pour leaves boiling water, approximately 2-3 tablespoons chopped nettle half a glass of boiling water, tincture brewed at a slow fire, and insist 30 minutes. Take three times a day after meals.

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