How to cure varicose veins folk remedies

Как вылечить варикоз народными средствамиThe way to cure varicose veins using trivial Apple cider vinegar: you will only need vinegar. Morning and evening lubricate the affected sites, not only dilute one to two tablespoons of water and drink somewhere three cups a day.

Very popular is the treatment with leeches, but many controversial questions arise about this treatment. Some are for it, others against. We offer you to listen to those, who has cured varicosity of the reviews:

 Natalia 54 years.
 Varicose veins, suffer youth. Underwent treatment many times, all to no avail, one day a friend told her about the treatment with leeches, on scientific – hirudotherapy is called. The method is not new, but quite expensive. To every creeping, am calm, here and went to the clinic.
Specialists have got a good, after the first time, naturally, nothing was as it all folk remedies takes time, but the swelling slept. After ten sessions forgot about the pain and ugly protruding veins, for five years annually receiving treatment and all advise.

Methods of treatment of many, one, though not the people is laser treatment. Through the led on the wall of the vein is the effect of heat as a result in Vienna is the process of sclerosing and it is as if it is actually reduced in size. The advantage of this treatment is that there are no cuts, pain and most importantly fast. Truth be like in a special socks have.
However not all runs smoothly, possible swelling and pain in the area where they were before of Vienna. Therefore, in these cases, you need to do the operation.
This is not a difficult procedure and after it you can quickly return to normal life.
Save your legs, do not overwork and often indulge in a relaxing massazherami.

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