How to choose shoes

Published admin Date: October 29th, 2013

Как выбрать обувьWomen’s shoes to one of the most important components of the image of a beautiful and successful lady. It should combine beauty and comfort. Therefore, the selection of shoes should be taken very seriously. Now, there are many stores that offer buy fashion boots online. This is quite a good option – because often you can buy them at lower prices due to the reduction of the seller on rent and a smaller staff. Below are the universal advice on purchasing shoes online and in stores (if shopping online you can check on all counts after receiving shoes).
Coming to the store, you will find not a single model that will cause the desire to buy it. But do not rush. For a start is fitting. Shoes should be comfortable to sit on his leg, not to pressure and not to be too broad. Walk – you must be comfortable, the foot should not swing and podvorachivatsja.
If the above conditions are met – conduct an external inspection of quality. What should I pay attention?

  • Material products – if he is very solid, you will RUB, very soft can quickly crack.
  • Seams should be equal, line on line, free, precise and omissions.
  • Should not be creases, stains and glue traces.
  • If the shoes pocket – it must freely, comfortably and fastened расстегиваться.
  • Be sure to compare the semi-pair. They must be of the same tone, texture, and of equal size.

When choosing shoes on heels, to avoid breakage of the latter, conduct a simple test. Put the shoes on a flat surface, and note which way the price swings shoes. if the internal – heel will last long if the outer – risk emergency breakdown great. Also note, as himself is heel – it must touch the surface around the perimeter.

If we are talking about winter shoes – choice pair of boots heels of course will look charmingly – but don’t forget, winter can be slippery, and having only a pair of boots heels you risk not only their integrity, but also their health. So either count on purchase of the second pair of low-fly, or take a steady square heel of average height.

Using our simple tips you can easily choose the right shoes.

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