How to choose a perfume

Как выбрать духиPerfume is the daily companions of any woman, they make her unique, depending on the selected flavor: passionate, refined, romantic, easy, exquisite and even sports. How to choose perfume? The most important thing to remember is that the spirits reflect our mood and the internal state, so the spirits have to choose in a good mood and relaxed atmosphere, thus it is not necessary to try multiple flavors in one day. Every girl should be a few of the flavors for more light, floral or citrus, for parties and dates – intoxicating and with more deep spicy aroma. If you have a collection of aromas, going to work in the morning or in other cases, feeling your mood, you can choose the fragrance not only mood, but also clothes and even hair. When we communicate with someone, we have about him a certain impression, which consists of appearance, voice, and smell. So every woman asks the question: How to choose the right perfume? Perfume can be chosen according to different characteristics, such as light hair: so brunettes perfect spicy heady scents of Jasmine, Lily, lilac, musk and sandalwood. -blondes characteristic fresh and light scents of lavender, Lily of the valley, citrus. -red will fit sexy scent. -brown suit spirits, emphasizing femininity with floral notes of Gardenia and acacia. The choice spirits depends on the time of year, because it’s summer, you ask what perfume to choose to fall? In autumn it is better to choose honey, floral and sweet aromas. Winter warming, wood-movie notes. If you are not a connoisseur of fragrances, you can not go wrong, if you choose a classic fragrance, without any special emphasis, which is fashionable at the moment and is often advertised on TV – this fragrance will be the measure of your refined taste, but it is necessary to go on about fashion, so if the fragrance you something embarrassing is not necessary to use it. Probably all heard about the perfume with pheromones. Pheromones is a sweet substance produced by the body in very small amounts, which subconsciously cause sexual attraction and desire. Perfume with pheromones enhance this effect. Such spirits can be used with regular doimi at the same time, they are very affordable. Pheromones not only create sexual attraction, but also help relieve the stress and irritation that will help to improve the situation at work still at home. How to choose a perfume with pheromones? When choosing a perfume with pheromones, you must consider a few things. To begin studying the composition, for the most powerful effect choose a perfume with sex, feromonami, for example with musk. Perfume with patchouli and thyme will create a romantic image. Animal pheromones in perfume composition cause a real passion for their mistress. It is important to know that spirits must be natural human pheromones, because they can lead to sexually psychological disorders. It is important that the composition of such spirits was not alcohol, as it destroys the pheromones. Put them on your neck, wrist and ear lobe. Remember with the right fragrance can emphasize their thin nature, to cheer up yourself and others, and become the object of desire.

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