How quickly dry nail Polish – practical tips

Как быстро высушить лак на ногтях – практичные советы

Any fashionista knows that beauty hands must be approached in the correct position, and think carefully about the future of the nail and the procedure of manicure. If you can do a manicure at home is good, but the problem is that the varnish dries long, what to do and how fast to dry nail Polish?

In practice, manicure there are several proven ways for fast drying decorative lacquer:

1. A special coating for drying. In any store such products, at affordable prices, it must be applied on a lacquered fingernails.

2. Quick-drying lacquer. On the nails it dries faster than normal and it can be bought in any shop.

3. Ventilation. Home quickly dry the help of any subject of the ventilating cold air. Hot air is not ideal, it varnish can crack, dull or «take up bubbles.»

4. The cold. Before paint nails, put the bottle of nail Polish in the refrigerator for a short time. Fingers with a ready covering the lower basin of cold water or substitute under a stream of water. To find out how the varnish dries faster, you need to experience.

5. Polishing. If you have no time to wait until nail Polish has dried, you can make the polished surface of the nail plate. Natural nails are always in fashion, and healthy and shiny surface of the nail will not leave you without compliments. Polish your nails can be in the cabin, and be home, enough to buy a special nail for polishing and cream. Recommendation – polishing make not more than once a week!

6. «Автосушка». While traveling by car, you can stop to paint your nails and then the speed put a hand out the window. Drying nail this way is not always practical, on a wet lacquer can налипнуть road dust.

7. Quality. Speed of drying varnish depends on its composition and consistency. Lacquer should be applied in a thin and even layer. Any coating is applied to the low fat nails.

Как быстро высушить лак на ногтях – практичные советы

The most effective way of fast drying of the coating with manicure quiet atmosphere and 30 minutes of complete rest. With proper allocation of time, your nails will always in excellent condition!


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