How gel nail Polish remove the nails from the comfort of home

маникюр весна 2017 модные тенденции фото гельOf course nogotochki to cover different varnishes on the basis of gel – it’s convenient, beautiful and practical. Handles fine, client is happy, everyone is happy. But that’s not the problem, took you three weeks that way, the growth in place it is not necessary. The master did not hit, the question arises how the gel Polish to remove with nail?

And here we come to you for help with their advice. So first, you need to know the manufacturer of your nail coatings, the master is silent as a partisan, not a problem, save money on tool and do the banal with liquid varnish remover. Attention! Necessarily acetone based, otherwise you go with this beauty until it grows back.

The next thing you need is foil and sponge. Everything is simple, no frills.

Effortlessly, nail file nudelive the top layer of the varnish put on top of the fleece with the liquid, zamatyvaem in foil and wait about fifteen or twenty minutes. Should appear a slight feeling of warmth, not burning, and heat. Sometimes, in a poor blood circulation, heat does not appear, then take a Hairdryer and heat the fingers.

Twenty minutes passed, one claw open your foil and a wooden wand easily remove the breakaway layer. If he is not moved, you leave the tool and wrapped his fingers back, stopping the procedure. So you will save your nails from injury.

Nail design gel Polish is very popular procedure. So going to the salon, check in advance than it relieves the master of the coating, if you just cut away, then run from such geniuses. Be sure your fingers will only say thank you.

A huge number of different innovations have emerged in recent time from the creative French to geometric diamond shapes. And this is without the colors. Masters do on pens masterpieces, the imagination is through the roof. We picked up a few scenes, nail design gel Polish for clear pictures.

One thing is for sure, such an abundance of creations was not. And most importantly — everything is possible!
To replace the gloss comes in a matte finish, and square shapes – almond. A different kind of bouquets also go by the wayside, giving the green light to the diamonds, cubes, and so on. In order to better understand what it is you can compare the design of nails gel lacquer 2017 and nail design gel Polish 2017.

For the New Year, so I want to fall into childhood, therefore, we decided to analyze the market nail art and to make a table of the popularity of the figures.

Tenth place give the snowmen, Christmas trees, Grandfathers Frosts, snowflakes and the like.
Ninth place went to Santa Claus and reindeer.
Eighth – cats.
Seventh deservedly got the pink elephant.
— The sixth stage hit Snow white and the seven dwarfs.
Fifth place – Tom and Jerry.
Fourth gets Mickey mouse.
Third – Eeyore
The second will give cheerful smiles.
— And finally the first place of honor was given Teddy bears.

маникюр весна 2017 модные тенденции фото гельThis paints a master with acrylic paints, then secures the gel Polish. A picture lasts a long time and will please not only you.

Here are a few leading manufacturers that you should pay attention to: Gelish, CNDс, Kodi, Opi, actually them much more.

Reviews of the girls after the application of the gel Polish:

Alyona 22 years. A friend advised me to do the shellac, I hesitated a long time, as it turned out a very good reason. Master got knows his business, time took only 40 minutes, flowers in a huge amount. Go for more than two weeks, and the feeling that only yesterday did. Don’t be afraid girls, feel free to go and do it.

Julia is 32 years old. A very elegant procedure, thanks to the inventors. I work in a jewelry store and hands should be always in mind. Regular nail Polish for tonight is shot in the back, and then the wizard will offer to try something new. I agreed. For more than four years and not an ounce of regret. Nails all safe and sound. Can’t even imagine myself now without painted toenails. Truth itself is not filmed not once, constantly running to the master. Summer legs covered. I recommend to all fashionistas in addition to beautiful pedicure, do not skimp on yourself and buy brand shoes in the boutique No One.

Thank you our dear readers, that you stay with us. We hope we helped you today.

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