How does birth

Как проходят родыChildbirth for all women are welcome. Despite the understanding of complex and painful process every mother eagerly waiting for the birth of his favourite kid.
Natural childbirth are often expected to occur on time – that is predictable. For 7-14 days before the responsible of the day, there are signs of rapid delivery, both of which include:
– stomach sinks below breathing returned to normal, because of the low location of the uterus and its pressure on the bladder to the toilet want more often;
– the cervix becomes softer begins to appear. Opening of 1-2 cm for the period of more than 36 weeks is the norm. May occur the so-called «false fighting.» They are virtually painless and last no more than 10-30 seconds.
– due to hormonal changes before the birth of a woman’s emotional state is changing. Women occurs instinct of kvocka – an urgent need all washed clean Shine, 5 times to recheck all ready for birth of your little miracle, possible sudden changes of mood from unrestrained joy to hysterical tears, fear that «something will go wrong».
– may be a small loss of weight;
– also it may cause insomnia.

On passage of childbirth can be divided into three items:
contractions (during labour disclosed cervix);
– attempts (attempts to help the child to be born)
– birth place(or effects).
Detailed description you can find in section birth
The most time-consuming stage and painful sensations this fight. In this period, the uterus contracts, thus helping the neck to reveal. During the first birth contractions usually last for 10-12 hours, during the second birth contractions continue 8-10 hours. They arise at first without any particular frequency, last 15-20 seconds every 15 to 20 minutes and is virtually painless. Further the gap between contractions decreases the duration of labour increases and the pain increases.
Every woman perceives pain differently. This is because every woman is individual pain threshold, as well as different levels of physical and emotional preparation. This is one of the most important factors in the process. The woman should be confident in their abilities, not to be afraid and to make all efforts to help the baby to be born. Peak pain each battle lasts 2-3 second, then it is important to have a rest, to relax muscles, as excessive tension inhibits birth process.
Listen to your body – he instinctively will tell you more comfortable position to experience bouts. Women who do not panic and do everything according to his own feelings, as a rule, quickly and easily give birth.
To the moment when the cervix is fully opened, should get out of the water. But this is the ideal variant is more likely that childbirth leave at the beginning of labour is not scary. Water should be transparent or slightly whitish color. If water is pinkish (there could get blood from the placenta), or green(usually this is a worrisome sign that the water came meconium, and that the pregnancy is overdue, perhaps anoxia crumbs) you now need to go to the hospital.
After full opening of the cervix comes the second stage – the hits, in fact the birth of a child.
The indicator is futile:
– a strong desire to go to the toilet(to empty the bowel);
– a tingling or burning sensation in the vagina;
there’s a bloody discharge;
– the creeps.
These symptoms occur because the baby’s head, the pressure on the vagina. Often to the beginning of the undertakings mothers improves mood, so to speak offer a «second wind». This is a very important point : you should make every effort to help the kid to go patrimonial ways.
after the doctors give the command to start push – draw a breath of air, keep your chin on his chest and tuites without exhaling. Then gently exhale the air, again type the full light and again begin to push. In one battle-patogu you should do 3 sets. To push to the bottom part of a body – if you make an effort «in the head» – a possible rupture of blood vessels.
at first, it might seem that nothing happens and your efforts are in vain – but that is not true. The next battle strengthen efforts, and for 15-30 minutes, your baby will be born. Depending on the presentation of the child attempts can be different. The most regular and frequent – headache previa. In this case, first appears head, and then through several fights all the body.
After the baby was born it immediately lay on my stomach to my mother for the first contact, «skin on skin». Then the umbilical cord is cut, and the children’s doctor (neonatologist) conducts a physical examination of the baby.
The birth of the placenta is the most painless stage of labour. Duration it takes 5 to 30 minutes. In order to give birth to children’s place, to where your baby lived nine months you just need to strain your stomach. The doctor checks that no parts of the placenta inside. Immediately after the last born – uterus starts contractions, the vessels are closed, the bleeding stops. after examination, the doctor sews breaks or sections of the perineum (if they exist).
Your baby is born, you have perfectly coped with the task. The miracle of birth happened.

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