Honey massage at home

Published admin Date: March 25th, 2014

Медовый массаж в домашних условияхThere are an enormous number of massages, and each of them at its useful and unique. One such massage is massage with honey. This massage can be obtained in beauty salons, however honey massage at home too, just to make

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Honey massage has many benefits:

  • Honey is very useful, it contains many of the necessary nutrients, vitamins and microelements. All substances in honey is already processed, it is a merit of the bees, so the body quickly absorbs substances and not wasting energy. Honey has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action.
  • Properties of honey can get rid of cellulite. Honey massage at home dissolves fat, it makes him a remedy for cellulite.
  • The massage relieves from many diseases;
  • The skin becomes velvety and elastic.
  • From the body out harmful toxins.
  • The skin does not peel off.

Massage is done in cosmetic, restorative and medicinal purposes. Honey has a good effect not only externally to the skin, but inwardly on the bodies, different joints, even on the nervous system. Applying honey massage at home , you can cure:

  • Arthrosis;
  • Osteochondrosis;
  • Cold;
  • Sleep disorders (Central nervous system);
  • Sciatica;
  • Bronchitis;
  • Headache;
  • And much more.

The effect is not immediately needs a course of massages, procedures which will have a break for about three days. Like any other massage, he has contraindications:

  • Hypertension, possibly boost pressure;
  • Severe diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • Mental problems;
  • Cancer;
  • Tuberculosis;
  • A bleeding disorder;
  • Fungus or dermatitis;
  • Thrombosis;
  • Varicose veins.

It is also not recommended to massage during pregnancy and during menstruation, as well as fever and intoxication.

There is a special technique of honey massage at home:

  • Use only natural honey;
  • Add a drop of essential oil;
  • Honey cannot be reused;
  • It is impossible to put the honey on the groin area, area of the chest, neck, scalp, behind the knees, and armpits.
  • On the knees and ankles to become more honey.

These simple rules have to comply with. Step by step instructions honey massage at home:

  • Step 1. Warm up your muscles.
  • Step 2. Apply honey on the body and light gently massaging the body;
  • Step 3. As soon as honey slightly absorbed, you need to change tactics. Push hands to the body and OTDELENIE, do it smoothly;
  • Step 4. During the massage on the body are formed white flakes, wipe them with a hot towel and do a warm compress(massage duration not exceeding 40 minutes, not to massage one area of the body for more than 15 minutes);
  • Step 5. Take a shower.
  • Step 6. Grease places where did massage with moisturizing cream.

After the procedure of honey massage is recommended to drink a Cup of fragrant tea. Now, your skin will be soft and silky. To make honey massage at home is simple.

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