Homemade lamination hair

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Ламинирование волос

Lamination of hair

The essence of the procedure for lamination of hair, is applied to each hair of a special substance, enveloping it with a protective film. This contributes to a reliable protection against aggressive environmental factors, UV radiation and dryness. Is not blocked the access of oxygen. After the active substance on the surface of the hair is affected, it becomes shiny, smooth, increases in volume due to the fact that increases its thickness.

All hair types can be susceptible to lamination. Especially useful to do it in the presence of the porous structure of the hair, which is provoked by frequent dyeing or natural structure. Special attention deserves a home lamination. This procedure has practically no contraindications. It can be carried out every day, you do not need to fear the oversaturation of hair and damage their appearance. Due to the individual structure of the hair regulates the quantity of substances absorbed in him. Professional tools for lamination is rich in active substances with Biogel, vitamins and proteins.

Unlike the home treatments from the salon is the difference in their composition. Although the effectiveness of the mask prepare comparable to expensive professional procedures. Home funds for lamination hair at the basis is gelatin. Gelatin acts as a source of collagen of animal origin. There is another plant component of agar-agar. It is the active ingredient and the thickener is a cellulose. Both substances tend to envelop the hair, making a protective film. The action of both is based on washing your hair, running up to four times.

Properly performed, hair lamination at home reviews confirm that gives a noticeable effect. For masks, which are based on animals thickeners, there are a few rules. Consequently, heat in a water bath thickeners of animal origin is impossible, boiling. When boiling mask will lose its properties. And all the ingredients would have to re-mix. The tool should be presented in the form of a perfectly homogeneous mixture, otherwise frozen lumps of gelatin is difficult to remove. The composition is applied along the length of the hair to avoid important areas at the roots. Because the substance after drying would cause a lot of inconvenience during the period of the mask.

Universal hair mask with the effect of lamination involves the use of gelatin or agar – agar. This two-step process, during which swells the jelly substance and subsequently adds nutritional ingredient, choice of which affects the type of hair. More noticeable is the effect of the mask if to cover the hair after applying the polyethylene and towel, periodically design needed warming with a Hairdryer.

For home lamination of hair you can use a generic mask. It comprises gelatin in the amount of two tablespoons, which is filled with a quarter Cup of water at room temperature. You need to leave the mixture to swell for 20 minutes. Then, the mixture is poured 100 ml of hot water – not boiling water! Infused medium until smooth jelly. Heated in a water bath. Then wash the hair.

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