Home pedicure

домашний аппаратный педикюрTo make a nice pedicure at home requires a special device. He has a special medicines and various nozzles for treatment of nails and skin of the feet. Home pedicure different from what you are doing in salons or clinics. The difference between these machines pedicure is that home machine has less power.

The pedicure at home it takes much more time than in the cabin. Because its power is less, and also machine apparatus pedicure has a more streamlined procurement, and nozzle apparatus pedicure also have a smaller number. The device for manicure has two different types of nozzles, nail and foot. For treatment of feet nozzles are divided into rough, soft and very soft. Processing of nails same is carried out using various files and polishing.

Cutters for hardware pedicure and manicure are created from various materials, and for various uses. They are used for adjustment nail and not only his, but gel, acrylic, one word for fake nails, they are also used for treatment of the skin of the feet, as well as for removal of corns and cracks.

For proper treatment of this unit, you need without hassle, gradually to examine all instructions, all its functions and tasks. Watch the instructional video, which will tell, how to do a pedicure in the home.

домашний аппаратный педикюрThere are two types of pedicure: pedicure hardware or classic. The difference between them is that the pedicure can be done only by using a special machine. It helps remove dead skin, bring order to the nail and foot. And the classic or in another he is called the cutoff just mechanically removes the cuticle.

The pedicure at home helps to take care of the feet and nails. With its help it is possible to reach the most remote places. To perform this procedure, you must prepare the skin of the feet, it needs to process its special funds for softening to the calluses, blisters and cracks become milder. If no special professional tools for softening of skin, you can use plain bath with sea salt or oil, for this all to add water and a few minutes to poverity in her legs.

After the treatment the skin of the feet, proceed to the nails. Processed special grinding heads and pilotami, making beautiful shape of a fingernail and remove the cuticle. After all procedures should be applied to the legs nourishing cream for better absorption effect.
Set for hardware pedicure very beneficial and useful thing. Besides the fact that your pedicure will always be the best, so thanks to this device, you help yourself get rid of different problem areas on your feet. Salon pedicure lasts longer because of the fact that the power of the apparatus above and make it professionals. In order that your feet are always nicer must be conducted in a domestic environment this procedure two or three times a week.

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