Heartburn during pregnancy what to do

Published admin Date: December 14th, 2013

Изжога при беременности что делатьHalf of the pregnant woman feels discomfort sorrows in the mouth and the taste of acid. And the question arises Heartburn during pregnancy what to do? The process of heartburn can last a couple of hours. And to be repeated, it can some times per day. First of all to fight with this problem, you need to find out its causes.
Causes heartburn during pregnancy.
The main cause of heartburn pregnant women are hormonal changes in a woman’s body. Most often heartburn appears due to the release of gastric juice into the esophagus. And the oesophageal mucosa very suffers. Heartburn occurs mainly immediately after eating or lying down. The development of the fetus intestines and stomach are under pressure, thus, there are additional conditions for the release of gastric juice into the esophagus. So many women in the interesting position of heartburn often deprived of sleep. But the process of pregnancy and the baby heartburn is not affected. There are many ways of combating the problem.
You may consider the following options.

Pills for heartburn during pregnancy.
Doctors most often pregnant women who suffer from heartburn, appointed by the following drugs: Rennie, Almagel, Smectite, Гевискон and другие.Но it should be noted that before taking any medications, consult your doctor.

Folk remedies to fight heartburn during pregnancy
People say that heartburn pregnant means the hair growth of the baby. But in practice this is not always true, because women give birth to babies with hair and without.
Most often you can hear Council drink soda. But this option if even helps, for a short time. As there is such a popular way to drink a teaspoon of vegetable oil. This method is quite effective, because the result is immediate and lasts a lot of time. Some women are just eating sunflower seeds. The result is, but you need to wait. A glass of warm milk may also relieve the discomfort. Older women are advised to drink tea with herbs (chamomile, mint, St. John’s wort). Can also help a few SIPS of alkaline water (Borjomi, Poliana Kvasova)
It is very important for pregnant women to eat correctly, there are no harmful additives, fast foods and natural cigarettes and alcohol. A good method of treatment is the following: in the morning on an empty stomach within 10 days drinking a glass of potato juice an hour before Breakfast. Then break 10 days and again repeat the course. In General, a fine of two months. For a short period of time can help a pinch of salt. But the best remedy for heartburn during pregnancy is in good health and mood. If You’re optimistic about the future, do not become upset by trifles, and time to visit the doctor, and Your health and the health of the baby will be OK.

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