Gelatin face mask

Желатиновая маска для лицаGelatin is often used in cosmetics, for example, to supply the skin of the face, hair or nail strengthening. Due to the fact that gelatin contains collagen is a natural protein, it gives the skin elasticity, hair glitter, nail – strength. Gelatin face mask is easy to cook yourself at home. Its regular use can cause the smooth existing wrinkles.

Preparation of gelatin face mask begins with the collection of necessary products: indoor water (broth, fruit juice and gelatin in a ratio of (1 gelatin : 8 fluid). The mixture should be insisted to the state of swelling. After the gelatin has absorbed the liquid, the mixture should be warmed to liquid. If necessary after this procedure adds the other ingredients. Mask applied to the face, avoiding the eye area. Please note, gelatin should not contain food additives, or dyes. To gelatinous firming facial mask gave the result, it must be placed in person at least once a week.

Gelatin face mask recipe, which includes fruit. After cooking is completed, the basic mixture should add pureed fruit. As you know, the banana is suitable for all skin types, suggesting that this is the most common ingredient that is included in the mask. Optional – this can be a melon, apricot, strawberry, peach, also raspberries, grapes, kiwi and citrus fruits (e.g. lemon, orange). It is not recommended to apply the fruits to which the body has a special reaction type of Allergy. Upon completion of the procedure the remaining mixture can be placed for a couple of days in the refrigerator, according to need, it will relieve fatigue from his face and a little cool on the skin.

Wlatinova facial rejuvenation is made with the addition of honey and glycerin. So, we need to take four tablespoons of water and glycerol, as well as two teaspoons of gelatin and honey, all this must be thoroughly mixed. This mixture should be put on low heat and simmer until then, until you get a homogeneous mass. After receiving the necessary result of the need to pour four tablespoons of water and put the mixture into a sterile jar, which is tightly closed. The main advantage of such masks can be considered that it has a long shelf life, the main thing to keep it in the refrigerator.

Gelatin face mask reviews tell about the results of the mask. So, Anna from Chisinau writes that is not their condition of the skin without the use of masks. Recommends the use of masks with fruit “… the skin was radiant,…disappeared wrinkles”.

Valentine, 52 years “Have a porous skin, very shiny in summer days. Try gelatinous mask, get rid of this problem, very happy with the result. The facial skin is velvety and smooth, dreamed about it all my life.”

It is worth noting that there are not only face masks, but gelatinous cream. Gelatin can be used for natural hair lamination that is very beneficial, as the hair and the scalp.

To prepare the cream, you must take one tsp. of gelatin, 1/2 Cup water, three tablespoon honey, 1/2 Cup of glycerin and 1 g of salicylic acid. All this must be thoroughly mixed and placed in warm water, wait for complete dissolution of the ingredients. After cooling, the mixture should resemble a jelly-like cream. This cream should be applied two hours before sleep for twenty minutes, a damp cloth will remove the remainder of the cream from the skin.

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