Gel Polish autumn

гель лак осень 2017 фотоThis season has a huge number of varieties of varnishes and coatings for nails, but the most catchy is the shellac is gel and Polish in one bottle. In this article we will look at what the gel Polish autumn and which are its main advantages. So the first advantage gel Polish fall 2017 is that holds such coverage is not less than two weeks besides if correctly applied, it is resistant to mechanical and chemical external influences. Further, it is worth noting that throughout the time the gel Polish fall 2017 photo does not change its original appearance. The third advantage is its composition, eliminate harmful chemical components which makes the mixture is completely useful to the nail plate. Nails sawn only if necessary, that is in a desperate situation. In addition, gel varnishes have a huge palette of colors and shades.

гель лак осень 2017 фото гель лак осень 2017 фотоAutumn nails gel Polish is dried under a UV lamp, which ensures smooth and dry surface. Also, thanks to this drying varnish is not blurred and does not stick. Depending on the power of the ultraviolet lamp, the shellac dries for two to a maximum of five minutes. When you need to do this manicure pretty quickly, sold the most powerful lamp. In this case, the full process will take more than an hour. Manicure for autumn gel Polish does not have a negative impact on the nail, after removing the cover – there is no risk that the nail plate will start to stratify. It is also worth noting that this coating is the protective layer of the nail plate. Regrown the edges of the nail are sealed, which ensures their density. With prolonged use, the coating has a chance to grow your natural long nails and elegant.

гель лак осень 2017 фото гель лак осень 2017 фотоIn itself, the coating transparent, and the color palette and the glitter meets the varnish composition. Initially, the varnish on gleevac based was carried out in standard, colors, today, in stores you can find these shades, as purple and dark orange and Teal, peach, and yellow wine. Manufacturers claim that this is not going to stop. Shellac is ideal for doing French manicure, French manicure, painting and for applying an ordinary drawing. Gel Polish design fall 2017 can be universal or adapted to the overall image of the girl. For example, the French standard colors or a French manicure will look good on the nails of a business woman, which often happens at conferences and spends all the time in the office. Manicure autumn 2017 gel Polish change every two weeks and this is perfect, because every woman dreams for a long time not to worry about the beauty of their nails and now shellac gives the opportunity, but any drawing can be annoying, that every two weeks you can change the color of the manicure and painting. It is also worth noting that the how safe would not be shellac, it is advisable to give your nails a rest. Nails autumn 2017 gel Polish after two weeks during the week to relax, and then re-apply the shellac.

гель лак осень 2017 фото гель лак осень 2017 фотоIt is worth noting that not always after removing shellac nails become stronger, quite often they acquire their original condition. Pay attention that some of the gel varnishes can not be removed by any liquids is a very negative impact on the nail plate. The liquid, which in its composition have acetone is bad for the nail, it is strongly desiccate the plate. Also remember about the sun damage on the skin (could be cancer), so before drying do not forget to apply on the skin sunscreen. On this basis, it is clear that in any case your hands and nails require special care.

гель лак осень 2017 фото

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