Furniture for children’s room — how to choose?

Published by admin Date: August 5th, 2017

Мебель для детской комнаты

Furniture for children’s room

In this article we will talk about what to pay attention to, if you choose furniture for children’s room
Children’s room — a place for fun and games, not always calm and measured. That is why choosing furniture for a child’s room you must take into account that the surface must be not brand name, and is able to endure a blow from a ball or other object used in the game. In addition, great importance has the compactness and convenience of placing the cabinets, drawers and shelves — baby, it’s important to get access to most compartments for storage. The correct placement of departments helps to accustom the child to order, after fervent games it should not interfere with a quick arrangement of accessories for games.
In addition, it is very important to choose the materials for furniture made without the use of toxic materials depends on the health of your baby.
The colors used in the decor should be pleasing to the eye without the bright acid colors.
So, gather a list of necessary qualities for children’s furniture:
1) Convenience (free access to the shelves and boxes), clever use of space;
2) Hypoallergenic(in our time many children suffer from allergies, and it can occur at any age);
3) Security (to promote healthy gaming, design without sharp corners and transitions, to avoid injury);
4) abrasion resistance (children perpetual motion machines, the furniture should withstand their hyperactivity);
5) Ergonomics (the most thoughtful and beneficial use of the space, such as a bed on the 2nd floor and on the ground, a Desk or Cabinet);
6) Modern and original design (the child must first like his room, in color and design);
7) environmentally friendly (children’s furniture must be made from environmentally friendly materials).

All manufacturers of children’s furniture must be certified on the safety and nontoxicity of the materials used. Come to the AU and the result You will surely appreciate.

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