History of the French manicure

French manicureAccording to legend, it originated in India History of nail care. The representatives of the class of the populationhas more than 500 years ago, began to care for your hands.

Paint often was henna, as well as wax paste with rose petals in the composition. In Arab countries, and ancient Egypt, was also popular henna, which raskrashivalmi not only nails and fingertips. In ancient Rome, you will notbelieve it, paint the nails were supposed to enjoy not only the ladies from wealthy families, but …. Military commanders. (!) They dye the nails before an important battle (the paint is not only henna, but the blood, and some sources claim that not always it was the blood of animals)

In southern Mesopotamia – Ancient Babylonia manicure sets the wealthy were made of pure gold. In ancient China, showing the color of nail belonging to nobility – royal person can easily afford both silver and gold paint, and fashionable combination of black and red. Those who lived at the court of the emperor, but did not have such a high position also allowed to use paint for hands, but in more modest terms.

In addition to the color of nail plate was not less important is its length. Aristocrats often could not afford long nails (their length is often greater than 20cm). Quite unexpectedly, became a very important nail on the little finger of his left hand. Besides that they printed out the letter, he became a hallmark of massonstva. In the end pointy, long nail Masson know each other. Keysya to store nail supplies were much more similar to the boxes for jewelry – from the inside trimmed with silk or velvet, and richly decorated on top with precious and semiprecious stones. Often, manicure set, which included a fine-tipped scissors and wooden sticks to the cuticle, combined with the sewing kit.

Modern nail varnish were first introduced in the early XX century in the United States. First received great popularity clear basis on which the nails glittered and looked much more tidy. And when, later, there were colored paints – they caused a storm of emotions. Parisian 20s, who used a bright red lacquer fell under the general disapproval and ridicule. The bright color of paint as soon as the call is not – funny, vulgar, causes, and a lot of unpleasant epithets.

Enterprising American, Charles Revson, was the first manufacturer of varnishes. The son of Lithuanian Jews who moved to Canada, he realized that his finest hour came. Teamed with his brother Martin and a young chemist Charles Lachmann, he founded the company Revlon. The replacement of the letter S (the names of the Revson) in the letter l have done out of respect just to the chemist. Michel Renard French origin was invited to make-up artist. It Idna of the first make-up artists who have decided to use the new technology, previously used for painting cars. In 1932 he was presented the first collection of paints from the company Revlon, which has been available as golivudskim stars and ordinary people. Selling new product in the popular hair salons and beauty shops. Luck soon became very popular and the crowd of fans. Women could not help but notice his advantage – with the lid tightly closed bottle could stand for years. Luck almost thickens. Color paint while dictating fashion lipsticks and lip balms – and since then there have been a rule to select a handbag to match the color of shoes and paint the color of lipstick.

Especially liking the French manicure has fallen actress. Versatile jacket matched the color of absolutely any outfit. It is believed to have invented the French Manicure Orly American founder Jeff Pink. In 1976 the market of the beauty industry, he led brand name of “french”. But all that has happened – he once accidentally fell into the society of Hollywood stylists and costume designers. They complained that the filming for the movies very often in various stages of different outfits, and often quite the opposite of the color spectrum. That’s where Jeff and overshadowed – to make a universal manicure – a plate close to the natural nail color and a white edge.

Use acrylic for the correction of natural nails first tried in the 70 years of the twentieth century. Dental acrylic, of course, is not very suitable for etits goals, and a few years left on its completion. As a result got the means to build hypoallergenic and correction of the nails.

Since then, a manicure is always very popular. The colors, shades, mixing technology and adding different gloss and pearl – all developed in pace with science and time. From blood and henna for coloring nails man came to artificial gels, paints and powder. Choosing The funds for the decoration of nails such as sequins, rhinestones, matte, glossy, pearlescent paints, a herbarium, mica – thousands items, and paintings that make nail art masters admired and delighted.

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