French manicure – do yourself

how to do a French manicure at home

French manicure at home

The experts’ fashion to the French manicure is very different. Some believe it is still fashionable and relevant,while others – is hopelessly outdated. But despite that women around the world choose exactly it – for simplicity, beauty, elegance and neatness. makes french manicured hands and pretty, but at the same time does not lookvulgar or overly pretentious.
Despite its “French” name invented this type of manicure American Jeff Pink – CEO ORLY. After meeting withstylists golivudskimi he noticed that all of the need to repaint zhaluyutsy nails actresses after each change ofattire. That’s when he came up with the idea to make a universal “natural” manicure that looks nice and fits intoany outfit.

First demonstration of the technology coloring nails “french“, was held in one of the Paris fashion shows. The French capital was subdued – every French wanted to have just such a manicure. Due to this success in France and Jeff called him “French”.

The purpose of the French manicure – look natural. For this regrown nail tip is painted white and the plate itself – in the natural (pink) color.

At a time when many women work, many visit beauty salons, where the hands of a professional manicure creates a perfect shape of nails and apply polish. However, to krafivogo tunic does not have to visit beauty salons. Having at hand all the ingredients you can easily make yourself a French manicure. In this case, with a little practice you will come out no worse than in the cabin.

Consider the process of creating a tunic in more detail.
Step One – training.
If you have nail polish – moisten a cotton swab and carefully clean the nail plate. After that, soak in any liquid (alcohol, peroxide, water) q-tip and wipe the area under the fingernails.

Trim nails to the desired length, and then fine-grained nail file gives them the desired shape, making sure that they are the same length. To prevent damage to the nail plate to move the nail file in one direction along the tip of the nail. Do not move across – it can cause delamination.
After obtaining the desired shape (round, square, almond etc) must be applied on the skin scrub, gently rubbing, not to hurt her. Wash off with warm water and scrub.
To finally clear the fingers of the remnants of scrub, nail polish remover, and dead skin cells to make bath. To do this in a small container to pour warm water, liquid soap and soak your nails for 5 minutes. Then apply a hand cream or body oil and wait until it is absorbed approximately 5 minutes.
Now move razmyakshuyu special cuticle stick (Mauger it be a wooden or rubber tip) carefully cut away the excess skin. Then wash your hands with warm water washed away to permanently remove excess oil or cream.

If the nail is uneven, it can be specially polished nail file – this action will help to more evenly apply varnish. Or you can cover the nails one layer framework under the lacquer. In addition to the alignment of the nail base coat will help your manicure last longer.
Step two – nail varnish.

The highlight of the French manicure is the white tip of the nail. Make it to slowly, carefully and accurately.

To draw a square nail straight through the nail growth, for v-shaped draw two diagonal lines from the corner of the nail so that they converge to a single point in the middle of a strictly nail. In that case, if you want a classic French manicure – you need to make a line in the shape of a crescent. There are special stencils that are included in the vast majority of the kits frencha. Carefully stick the stencil, and then in two stages apply a thin layer of white paint (otherwise it will look ugly). After a complete (!) Drying varnish, carefully remove the stencil and cover with a layer of colorless nails or bright pink nail polish.

French manicure at home is ready! Each time you will get better and better – derzatste, learn, and do not be afraid to experiment – Good luck!


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