Colorful French manicure


Red French Manicure

French manicure – is a design that is always relevant, and most importantly, suitable for any style and color. It is performed in a completely different colors and variations, using all modern means of design. Our site includes photographs, perhaps, the jacket all the options, such as colored French manicure, two and three-color French manicure, French manicure with mica, solid, “classic” jacket, french with a picture, and much more.

If you want to try to create a French manicure, you just need to learn to paint on the tip of the regrown nail white stripes in the form of the Moon (still call it a smile) with a brush. You can use a stencil if you can not yourself. The width and height of the “smile” should look harmoniously with the length of the nail, to be precise and accurate.
In nail salons are very popular so-called “stained glass” french. Your otrochshy the nail tip is to look like stainedglass. Decorate a manicure with rhinestones and sequins, and these accents add personality to your pens and charm.


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