French manicure on short nails

French manicure originally created for nail with a short nail plate. This option is perfect for any event and for everyday manicure. How to French manicure on short nails will tell article.

Light coating of the nail plate and white tip – classic manicure, it can be done on the nails with different length of the tip of the nail. Mainly on short nails make a square or oval shape of the free edge.

Technics of drawing of a varnish with the French manicure

For such a manicure use two tools (white and any shade of pink, or flesh) and one fixer. Smile line trace the combs lacquers, acrylic, gel, paints, shellac, to make a perfect line should be to have practice, but you can use special strips for French.

At home, you can use pencils for a French manicure, it is applied to the underside of the nail.


  1. Remove nail old coating, apply for a free edge and slide cuticle.
  2. Apply one coat of base coverage.
  3. Any камуфлирующим color cover the entire surface of the nail bed.
  4. Draw a zone smile selected material.
  5. The finished design cover the fixer, he will smooth boundary «smile» and the nail bed, will add Shine and keep design.

How to diversify French manicure on short nails

Classic French manicure will always be in fashion, but sometimes it is a little bit of individuality and expressiveness. Employees of the nail industry have developed many ways to decorate a simple tunic. The wait home version sticker on the nail. You can make a lunar manicure gold and silver color. In the pursuit of diversity remember that one wrong move can ruin the whole work.


  • don’t make French on short nails matte colors, they are visually make nails flat;
  • ll French major figure and crystals;
  • to save manicure use oil with vitamins and regularly mask;
  • coverage apply on dry, low fat nails;
  • use only high quality products;
  • during homework time wear protective gloves and regularly apply the cream on your hands;
  • do not wash your hands in cold water;
  • enrich food vitamins to the nails were better.

French manicure looks any nails, the main thing that the hands are well-kept and the length of the nail same. To experiment with color, texture and shape, but perfectly smooth smile line must be perfect.

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