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french manicureThe French manicure , probably, always will be in fashion as there is nothing more elegant, classical and stylish, than accurately and in natural tones made up nails.

French manicure as any another, will be simply ideal as for work, office and business meetings, and for serene parties, a sit-round gathering in cafe and unforgettable appointments.

Venerators of beautiful nails estimated universality of the French manicure which became even more actual now because in fashion short nails for which this option is ideally suited dominate. Stylists meet requirements of women of fashion.

Now the French manicure is not simply pink nails with white tips, colors in such manicure can be the most various. The most exclusive options are used: blue and blue, black and gold, black and white, etc. The main thing that colors were combined.

Options of the French manicure:

Recently more interesting decisions are used also. For example, you can put on a ring finger a company logo, also the main part of a nail is decorated with various drawings. Besides, spangles are used, the pattern is put with color sand, spangles and pastes are applied, unique landscapes are created. To women of fashion who carry out manicure independently, great opportunities for an embodiment of the imagination are given.

In decoration of the French manicure it is possible to use any ways. On the main background it is possible to draw graceful ornaments the gel handle which allows to create thin surprising drawings. For those who got used to work with a needle and loves fantastic images, it is necessary to drip on a fresh main varnish a varnish of other color and to remove a needle that there is a wish to see in finished form.

On the French manicure it is possible to put patterns and a brush. For this purpose it is necessary to get a qualitative thin brush in art salon and, for a start to be trained on paper. At such way drawing is put on the dried varnish.

After performance of drawing and patterns, decoration of nails pastes, spangles, it is necessary to put fixing varnish which will add to nails shine and provides safety of manicure and a list on nails for a long time.


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