French manicure

Artificial nails and definitely beneficial to pay off procedure, which gives us many advantages. Any woman at least once in his life faced with the question: “What kind of nail design I choose today?”. And statistics show that 80% of women say, “Of course french manicure”. Why is it so popular is the kind of nail design? Let’s delve into the history of the French manicure, which will help us figure it out.


The case was even 37 years ago, when a director of Holywood faced with the problem of impracticality colored nail polish while filming models. Each time a new dress had to change the color of the nails. And he appealed to Jack Pinku (founder kopmanii Orly) to invent the kind of design that would nail combined with any clothes. Pink is thought that the best solution would be to appear more natural, so he took the basis of white and solid color, flesh hide flaws nail bed and white ensuring high free edge. Since then, the French manicure is popular and what’s more classic.

Now let’s discuss the intricacies and details of the nail cues in the design of the “French manicure”.

The first and the key to success in preparing for the nail – is well executed hardware manicure, it will help to avoid delamination of semi permanent polish. Next you need to sand the natural nails nail file 180/220 grit to the matt effect, and completely remove the free edge of the natural nail (it will easily set the correct pattern (shape)). Degrease the surface polish, carefully removing dust and causes primer. Set the template (form) to the junction with the natural nail.
Now go directly to the modeling of the French manicure. Artificial nails in the design of “French manicure” takes place in two stages. The first stage – the modeling of the nail bed with a camouflage gel. To nail bed appeared proportional to the free edge, in most cases it should extend. The thickness of the middle end of the extension should be 2 mm and a smooth transition to nothing on the sides. With the cutter for a French manicure

white french manicure

Scrollsaw semetrichnuyu smile.

The second phase of building – is the modeling of the white free edge. To do this, set the form again. The shape of the first layer put a substrate of transparent gel to lengthen the neck, after drying in the lamp carefully remove the form and then hold the arch with tweezers reverse action. Next you need to lay out a white gel in two layers, one by one, each prosushivaya and pinching the arch.

The final step in the growth of nails “french manicure” – is sawdust on the regular circuit with clear exhaust strokes.
So, do the movements you need in order:

Align the length of graft of nails.
Form a smooth transition to the natural nail at the cuticle, nail files motion in one direction. Align the height and location of the apex.
Rasp side parallel.
Smooths the edges that were left after the sawdust side parallels.
We pay great attention to vypilivaya longitudinal arch, it must be perfectly smooth, without pits and dimples. Sawing should clearly fit and up to the apex of the Convex, the movement back and forth.
white-french-manicureConvex concave to reduce the thickness of semi permanent nail did not exceed 1 mm.
The last movement is a zigzag, it helps to get rid of small irregularities.
Cover nails with gel to give the final crystal glitter French manicure.
French manicure on years, classic which does not leave indifferent any woman. Try to try it for yourself and you will not want to part with this gorgeous view of nail design!

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