Foot massage for children

массаж ног для детейHello readers of a blog! Today the theme for discussion – foot Massage for children!
Many moms do not venture to do baby massage, hiring of specialists, believe that they are professionals and massage facilities are better.

You are quite capable to take preventive massage his little girl. Believe me, it’s not difficult if you know where to start.

Preventive foot massage for children is great to strengthen the muscles of the legs of the child. Legs are very comfortable massage, because at this time it is the most favorite position (lying on his stomach). You have a wonderful opportunity to learn to do massage. After viewing foot massage video baby you can not worse than any specialist to make your baby a massage.

Relaxing leg massage for children, especially his legs beneficial for the system of external breathing, to relieve shortness of breath and cough, eliminates pain in the eyes. Massage of soles of the feet for children is useful because it is in the fingers of legs to be a lot of energy and reflex points. If you click on these points with some force, they will have a good impact on the internals and their condition. Massage of soles of the feet for children acquire robust health of your baby.

It happens that you come home from work, thinking only about how to quickly “to crawl to bed and go to sleep and not about any kind of massage can be a speech, but at the same time I know that it must be done will help rugs for feet massage children, and will make the massage pleasant effective game.

Mat massage is an effective, accessible to everyone massager: the child rather few minutes walk on the carpet and now the session took place.

Mat preventive and curative affects the whole body of the child. The five-minute session provides a charge of vivacity for the whole day. Mat helps from flat feet, and if doctors have diagnosed a “flat” Mat will help to recover stop the desired shape. As Mat easy going and you can take with you wherever you wanted.

Medical massage of feet for children helps mitigate and stretching acronyms and tense muscles – medial arches of the foot, Achilles tendon, and the inner head of the gastrocnemius muscle. At one time with him doing tonic massage stretched muscle: lateral arch and outer head of the gastrocnemius muscle .

Place baby on the tummy. Then start to RUB the area of joint and circular movements ankle. In the back of the hand and ankle can use point techniques. Slightly expand the outer edge of the foot to the opposite side of the curvature.

To mitigate and sprains use kneading, sawing, stroking, acupressure thumb and forefinger, vibration and strength.

With one hand ohvatyvaet leg, bend the leg at the knee. Held-stop and start massaging her bottom side. Necessarily stretch the inner edge of the foot and conitinue outside.

Firming leg massage for children are needed. There are many exercises you can do from the first year of life. This massage is an entertaining game.

Put on a hard surface baby face me and keep supporting armpits. Be careful stepping forward, baby, put his feet on the full foot. This exercise strengthens the muscles of the legs and back, develop coordination of movements.

Spread legs, taking them down below her knees and rhythmically tapping feet, prigovarivaya potisku. This exercise helps strengthen the bond of muscles of the pelvis and hips.

Shuffling finger promotes development of a small muscles, stimulate the reflex points in the area of the foot.
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