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Step by step guide Capacity gel on tips

Nail gel on tips

Nail gel on tips is not much different from modeling technology on the forms. The only thing in this case, the tips act as the free edge of the nail, which lack the natural nail plate. It should be noted that the helium system capacity are recommended for owners of brittle nails are prone to delamination and brittle. The gel   Read more »

Calla – flowers on nails

Calla - flowers on nails

Technology to create this design is difficult to describe. Indeed, to obtain such a resulthave a little different painting techniques – you still have artistic talents and to be the owner of “no shaking” hands. So just watch and enjoy, but if you have all of the above -you can do it!

Flowers on nails

Flowers on nails

Flower thread is very popular in the design and painting of nails. Flowers painted as onenail, and at all 10. They can be combined with a French manicure, and perform a fewtechniques. This photograph shows another job Ishchuk Julia. On the purple jacket lined with gold-colored mica. Flowers are made on the technique of Chinese painting in white and purple palette.

Flowers on nails

flowers on nails

Interesting design nails. Designed as a French manicure (done with a smile sparklesgreen), and simple colors in pastel shades. Due to the bright sparkle and pale color is achieved by an interesting range of colors.