Five rules of beauty hair

Пять правил красоты волос

I want so much to have long, beautiful, healthy hair, so they gently flowed and fell on the shoulders to the passing men looked to friends quietly sighed with envy. After all, no one outfit, none elegant fashionable dress can’t emphasize your beauty and personality, beautiful, silky, shiny hair.
But not always, our hair looks the way we want . They electrified, whipped out, head may appear dandruff. But what about, really, to say farewell to his dream of a long, healthy hair, and flee to the hairdresser to make a short cut? Actually maintain the health and beauty of your hair is not very difficult. Just need to give them a little more time and keep the five absolutely simple rules.
The first rule of beauty hair which is subject to obligatory execution is a balanced, healthy meals. Because the condition of the hair depends directly on how we eat. So eating more fruits, fresh vegetables, fish and meat.
The second rule: treat your hair very carefully.
Choose carefully hair care products. Preference should be given to natural means or those which contain natural essential oils and extracts.
You should never use shampoos low quality.
Mention should be made about the dangers of coloring, highlighting, a chemical wave – all these procedures detrimental affect on the health of the hair.
The third rule of beauty hair – always keep your hair clean. If you hair is thin and normal to maintain the purity enough to wash them in a week only twice. Dry hair can be washed once a week. And so if you are the owner of oily hair type, you have to wash them every day.
The fourth rule: to ensure and maintain the beauty of your hair you need to do regular medical masks, but only from natural products.
Rule fifth and the last.
Hair must be protected from the sun, salt or chlorinated water.
When you select pins and accessories for the hair combs, pay attention to quality.
Before going to sleep always заплетайте hair in a braid, this will help avoid the damage of the hair.
Hair styling should minimize the use of, hair dryer, electric утюжков иплоек.
In conclusion, I want to say Simply love their hair and they are sure to delight you with their beauty and health.

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