Fashion trends in nail design 2014

Модные тренды в дизайне ногтей 2014

The creation of the nail design in accordance with the latest fashion trends and customer – one of the actual tasks masters of nail service. What is fashionable in 2014 and what are the ways to achieve harmony in the picture?

Fashion trends 2014

As is known, fashion or its elements recur periodically. The time required to return to the old, to varying degrees, is various and depends on the fashionable directions and possibilities of its principal development. To indicate the main directions of fashion trends and was introduced the word “trend”.

By definition, the trend is current (short-term direction, a recurrent trend in fashion. It is known that fashion is not repeated in full. Return only directions, course design ideas, preferences in colours, materials and shapes. But every time this trend is influenced by new technologies and requirements of practicality, so a complete return to speak still not quite right. As is the case with the nail industry – area of human beauty, in which the achievements of science (chemistry and new materials) have the most influence.

Модные тренды в дизайне ногтей 2014

In 2014, the master of manicure in some ways easier, because among fashion trends are observed as pastel and contrasting hues. In the color of the last year in fashion remained effects of gold (photo 1), silver and bronze, both old and brand new (of course, if the style clothes). To create these effects there are many different technologies (casting, gold leaf, various foil, pigments, glitter, etc).

The effect of luxury, you can create using stones of different diameter, accessories, fittings and other Light, transparent nails also fashionable this year.

In the past year were fashionable short nails, and this preference is given to the length of more than average. Form – as a rule, almonds and sharp (the box is not in fashion).

As long nails should be more durable return acrylic technology (last year was more popular gel).

Модные тренды в дизайне ногтей 2014

Expressive means of drawing

The pictures on the nails that make the client a variety of feelings and moods: joyful and fun, relaxed and excited, majestic and simple, festive and everyday. Such a variety of emotions caused by the skills of the person expressiveness of lines and forms, tone colors, the combination of light and dark spots, its composite construction. Composition (lat. compositio – compiling, linking, addition, connection) – organizing component of the artistic form, giving the product of the unity and wholeness, captchaname its elements to each other and to the whole plan of the author. I.e. ownership composition means the ability to create and correctly to make, to combine different elements to create a complete picture. Layout means the compilation of the whole of the parts, items, major and minor, that is the ability to combine existing items so that they composite do not interfere with each other. Here imperceptibly into one another, merging in the process of working on our picture.

Today the fashion trend is that often do not need to follow any rules, you just have to learn to listen to their feelings and understand how to achieve harmony.

Модные тренды в дизайне ногтей 2014

1. The location of the center of composition. The compositional centre does not have to be the biggest in size, it just needs to attract the attention of the client (photo 2). It can be placed on the nails in the heart (photo 3), and you can shift the point of attention (photo 4). In the composition may be two of the composite centre (photo 5), and may not be his (picture b).

Модные тренды в дизайне ногтей 2014

Composite expressiveness is achieved by strengthening of lines and forms. The bigger the difference between the lines, shapes, sizes, the more expressive is the composition. To highlight the compositional centre, bring it to the foreground, we lighten and add contrast dyes. On the second plan sharpness, colors and tones are relaxing, and third elements merge with the background. The main element is worked out more than a secondary (photo 2).

Модные тренды в дизайне ногтей 2014

2. Rhythm is a repeat, alternating both core and connecting elements (lines, dots). Line – main formative element transmitting most accurately the nature of the outlines of any form. The line serves a dual function as both a means of image and means of expression.

Point as one of the means of expression is widely used in many designs, it helps to identify the texture of the design, the transfer of conventional space (photo 7). Rhythm reveals important and leads to the second plan is secondary. Most brightly it is presented in the ornament, where the same item is repeated after a certain period.

Модные тренды в дизайне ногтей 2014

3. Balance is a state of stability, peace, achieved with the correct color distribution. Each color causes some psychological sense. There is a classification based on creating a sensation of cold or heat, which arise in us in the form of certain colors. But there are other, more complex associations such as peace, passion, joy, etc. To the colors, causing sensations of heat, include yellow, orange, red. With cold is associated blue, green and grey. Color is studied by the method of establishing relations one color to another. Each color corresponds to a certain “power”, changing along with its intensity. In practice it can be mitigated, leaving the tone of white light or priemnaya using a darker color.

Модные тренды в дизайне ногтей 2014

It should only apply to marigold any stain or line, bar and he begins to revive. This means that our figurative elements come into spatial relationship, forming a sense of the plot. Easier said the plane and any element of it begin to interact, “dialogue” between itself and begin to us about something to tell.

Of course, you need to make perseverance and diligence, in order to reach the desired level and goal. You need to devote time and relate to drawing with a lot of patience and understanding. I will say more: we need to live every day, day after day. Only then, be it a picture or painting, they will give their fruit you hard, diligently and patiently nurtured, and it will be your merit.

Tatiana Bondarenko, master IV level (class I CSSC), participant of the world Championship 2012, the teacher in a gel, acrylic technologies and art of painting

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