Fashion trends 2015

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Learn fashion trends in clothing 2015.

The rule is “forewarned is forearmed” and used in the fashion industry. To know the fashion trends of next year and to study means to reveal their appearance to perform a unique personal style. What woman wouldn’t want that? So do not fill your wardrobe of last year’s trends, but rather to walk with us on fashion catwalks, in order to learn all the secrets of the coming season.

2015 модные тенденции фотоLet’s start with the military style. The main priority of the fashion trends of spring 2015 is a paramilitary style. He still occupies the leading positions on the market of fashion, but in 2015 designers recommend to abstract from the stringent standards, allowing in this direction a little ease, for example, instead of camouflage and khaki, you can apply a dark beige tone. The most important things in military style are fashion trends 2015 coats, pants, jackets, including outwear.

“Starry” texture is made of tweed cardigans, coats, skirts and jackets are the hit of season 2015. Grey color of diluted wine and blue tones on most products, decided to use stripes, diagonal, cell, and also crow’s feet. In second place is the velvet products “deaf” shades. In the list of selected lightweight fabrics jacquard, cotton and silk, decorated with printed, but have no Shine.

Fashion trends summer 2015 fashion and colors of the coming season. Based on the energy influx and sophisticated fantasy, experts in their field have highlighted the following colors: all shades of purple and colors of orchids, were also not ignored fiery red and burning scarlet, then it is recommended to use lemon and bright yellow shades. Also designers discussing fashion trends fall 2015, are advised to prefer Terra cotta and cognac color, perfect for this time of year mint and juicy green hues regarding Aqua and azure tones, these shades occupy leading positions in the market of fashion of the coming seasons. Still remain in fashion silver color tone aluminum and dark gray color.

The actual silhouettes of the fashion trends of winter 2015. When working with the latest collections, fashion designers took into account even the smallest details. So do not worry about how to choose fashionable dress appropriate to your body shape. Before your eyes will open an extraordinary range of free and form-fitting silhouettes, asymmetric and straight lines, but also dense and flying styles, including flared cut and banjo, which will be able to highlight your strengths and hide weaknesses.

Fashion trends shoes 2015 in General depend on the chosen outfit, still main role is played by the combination of the shoes with the clothes, if you’re wearing a dress, then without fail, your legs have to decorate the heel, it doesn’t have to be thin, “needle” pin, it could be a neat rise.

2015 модные тенденции фотоBags 2015 fashion trends are the main rules of modernity, i.e. convenience, quality, style, and, of course, versatility. In the spring of 2015 is better to choose classic bags rectangular shaped bags or ladies, bags as an option for daily or office.

At the end, I would like to draw attention to the fact that a confident woman always looks stylish and impressive.

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