Facial massage vacuum canister

Массаж лица вакуумной банкойFacial massage vacuum banks is good for the skin of the face, tighten and smooth wrinkles, will give the outline of the face. You can use the same Bank or several, to carry out no more than once a week. In the salon facial massage vacuum canister specialist should competently on a professional to do the procedure, because, if used improperly, you can stretch the skin or make bruises.

The specialist uses the device with different attachments. The skin will not be delayed indefinitely, the process is controlled. The massage is performed in a certain direction, in the course of lymph and in specific areas of the face (neck, down the face, side, top and forehead), a specialist must know the massage.

From the vacuum massage the face tighten, becomes elastic, go wrinkles, swelling. Vacuum massage banks, the price of 50 Euro for the whole course, one procedure from 400 rubles and above. This massage is possible to restore the shape of a rounded tummy, if formed Jyrki.

Spend massage vacuum banks on the belly. You can refer to the salon, where will conduct this procedure professionally, and about what not to worry.

But, you can use silicone banks for vacuum massage and make your own. Minus in this kind of independence, very uncomfortable carry massage on her stomach. In the salon uses a special machine. The expert knows scheme, massage, time and intensity. The procedure may be repeated after food or before a meal (1.5 hours). Good use special oil for massage. The vacuum is very good for cellulite. There massage vacuum banks cellulite, also perform better in the cabin under the control of a specialist or at home.

Vacuum cupping massage price. Of course, in the salon there is much to leave money and pay nothing, if you’re not a professional. Cost 400 rubles up to 900 rubles, everything depends on the zone where do massage of face, abdomen, flanks, where the good fat). But after much «suffering» the effect of vacuum massage will surprise everyone, but there should be at home to care for your skin, whether a face or stomach. There are contraindications, when it is impossible to carry out this procedure. This tumor, disease of the veins, lesion of the skin.

When the massage is performed on the stomach, also you need for a good result to diet, exercise, good to walk in bath, do body wraps. To get results, to remove Jyrki and get rid of cellulite, you need not skip the procedure, to comply strictly with them through the day. Massage vacuum painful process, especially for the first time, but in the future, normally perenositsya vacuum cupping massage is good to do at illnesses of the nervous system, soothes, with stress, diseases of bodies of breath, coughing. Banks put on certain points and move them in a certain direction. If there is a bruise, he speaks of congestive phenomena, and requires further treatment.

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