Facial cryomassage

Криомассаж лицаIn our time there are many different treatments to rejuvenate skin. One of such procedures is famous cryomassage. Facial cryomassage procedure, which gives the opportunity to establish the work of our sebaceous glands, in addition it helps relieve inflammation where appropriate, and also helps to eliminate various problems.

Facial cryomassage is performed with the help of liquid nitrogen, which is due to the cold helps to gain this type of skin, which can only dream of. It is known long since that ice and cold are great helpers in the preservation of youthfulness of the skin and its elasticity and beauty. At the contact of liquid nitrogen with the skin, there are no negative consequences, if this is a specially trained person, or everything is done according to the instructions facial cryomassage at home. If you read carefully glamorous news of show business – many stars are recognised that used this procedure to maintain the beauty and tonus of face.

Facial cryomassage liquid nitrogen is made using a special applicator, which are on the problematic areas. Himself nitrogen skin is not touching. Because this can lead to very serious consequences, and everything happens through the air cushion, because she has low thermal conductivity. Cryomassage facial skin liquid nitrogen after his exposure cause metabolic processes on the face happen faster, and all of the treated area after this procedure, begin to peel and give place to the new, toned and healthy skin.
Криомассаж лица

Facial cryomassage liquid nitrogen reviews has good and positive, as with its help women can cope with the main problem – the mimic wrinkles. In addition cryomassage helps to forget about the variety of inflammatory processes that occur on our skin. Also with the help of liquid nitrogen in the postoperative period after cosmetic procedures cope with edema.

Also note that the facial cryomassage reviews receives positive, because it gives an opportunity for women to get rid of the problem of dark circles under the eyes, and with enlarged pores and blackheads. This procedure helps to fight unnatural, the bad and unhealthy complexion, and can use this procedure to deal with such phenomenon, as warts.

Like any other cosmetic procedure facial cryomassage contraindications has, so to them it is worth reading in advance. You have to refuse to such procedure as the cryomassage people who suffer from diseases such as epilepsy and diseases of the nervous system. Should not use this procedure to women with frequent headaches and migraines, with herpes or rosacea.
It is worth remembering that any cosmetic procedure before their use involves consultation with a specialist. That will give precise indications, and also appoint the course and duration of the procedure. Therefore facial cryomassage liquid nitrogen price will depend on how many procedures were appointed and how many times a week you will be attending the wizard. Facial cryomassage price varies from 350 to 800 rubles per procedure, but to achieve a stunning effect, needs to take a course of rejuvenation and improvement of the skin. To ensure that the results remained for a long time and you looked wonderful, a year is a double-pass the course of this procedure.

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