Face mask with activated carbon

Published Ilona Musaev Date: February 8th, 2016

Маска для лица с активированным углемActivated carbon used as a sorbent for the stomach and intestines in case of poisoning, drug overdose, or diarrhea. However, the role of external agent it can also be used. Activated charcoal is so effective is able to act if there are problems with the skin, it can help you to cope with all the defects of a cosmetic nature. To get this natural medicine, exercise perejil several tree species. It’s poplar, birch, pine and spruce. The preservation of the natural properties of the enterosorbent is happening in masks. Prepared with the use of activated carbon, they are very useful for the skin.

Cleansing facial mask with activated charcoal has the ability to eliminate the most common problems on the face. This tool can be used by the holders of all skin types and at any age. The use of activated carbon have need of those who suffer from dry skin. Cleansing this method get rid of pimples. The Shine is much diminished, and the number of black dots is reduced. The most effective recipe in the presence of the defect, in which gelatin is mixed with activated charcoal. After systematic use of the mixture the leveling of rough edges and irregularities on the face. The mask, which includes activated carbon, the inherent ability of deep penetration into the skin layers. She pushes from the inside from the pores of pollution.

On the influence of activated charcoal is effective at times, than expensive remedies for acne. Due to the natural composition of the product has no side effect and completely safe. It is important to observe the rules of use of the activated carbon. Only in this case will come a rapid recovery of the skin. The mask should be prepared from fresh coal. Old tablet bad warming up with a spoon. Thus, you will determine the expiration date means.

Activated carbon is characterized by positive, because it has anti-allergic activity. But if to it to add other components, one of them may be skin allergen. So be sure to test the product.

To completely eliminate pimples and blackheads with activated charcoal only, using it systematically. Once a week for two months. Valid re-course for eliminating your zits. But only 10 weeks later. With the aim of improving the efficiency of the mask with the coal face need to steam above the bath. With the introduction of additional ingredients increases the effectiveness of the action of activated charcoal. Mask where it acts as a basic element, combines with the gelatin. Using gelatin on the face creates a film. Stick to it collected with charcoal toxins. Adding milk to the mix, you can soften the skin. Use this recipe is best with dry skin types.

Mask with gelatin is complemented by a crushed tablet of activated charcoal. There pour milk or water. Stir and put for 15 seconds in the microwave. Before the mixture is applied, it must be cool. The mask is applied only to the surface of acne. Wash off after 15 minutes.

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