Eyelash at home

Наращивание ресниц в домашних условияхFor anybody not a secret, that beautiful eyelashes can be a highlight of any woman. Eyes, framed by thick eyelashes like a precious stone in an expensive frame.

However, not every woman can boast that nature has luxurious lashes. In addition to genes in roulette shop matter living conditions and the amount of vitamins in the body. If a person with insufficient quantity will consume vitamins E, then he will never reach the ideals, which he set himself.

Among other things should change the cosmetics company. Possible allergic reaction to ink, thanks to which the lashes fall out and break off.

If all has been tried, vitamins successfully пропиты, and the never seen, means should note alternative to artificial eyelashes. Today a large number of beauty salons provides services eyelash. However, this case is quite costly both in temporal and financial criteria. Have to look for a real specialist and written to him in turn. Often turn to quality worker of the sphere of beauty can be stretched for more than one week. There is another way out is to build lashes at home itself.

Before you embark on this adventure, you must carefully approach the choice of material. You should not rush him into the first stall. Yes, the price there will please any of the the Thrifty man, but the quality of such products can plunge into shock.

Incomplete sets that do not assume the presence of a step-by-step instructions, the fragility of cilia, the dried up glue, which, in their technical qualities, more would be suitable for bonding to each other plastic IS ONLY SOME POSSIBLE VARIANTS of EVENTS DEVELOPMENT. In the best case, such a set for making lash extension did not work in one of the worst-a stable allergic to any kind of chemistry. But any cosmetic chemistry.

Buy kits for building or in professional stores for beauty salons, either directly in the beauty salon. The price difference between the two is negligible. You can contact any of the two places. There you not only to sell goods, but also will help to select it, and will give some additional recommendations for the process of extension.

Step by step instructions

  1. Remove from the face of makeup;
  2. Position the eyelashes in the order in which their’ll stick;
  3. Glue one synthetic lash to the base of this. See the result. If it suits you, then keep поресничное gluing.

This method is no different from the procedure in the salon. Therefore, any woman can save money and to look more expressive yourself.

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