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Перманентный макияжEvery girl dreams to be beautiful at any time of day, regardless of make-up, sleep and nutrition. And, surprisingly enough, but there is an easier way. And it’s called permanent makeup.

Permanent makeup

is a long – term make-up, which is achieved by injection under the skin (no deeper than 1 cm) organic paint.
In another way, this makeup is called tattooing of the lips, eyebrows, eyelid tattoos. This makeup can save you from daily routine makeup, and at the same time will look perfect in any time of the day. The charm of permanent makeup also in that it allows correcting the defects form or the color of your lips, eyes, eyebrows. Also tattooing differs from the usual makeup fact that it is resistant to the influence of the external environment rain, heat, wind or snow «erased» and not «smear» the beauty of your face.

Permanent makeup rather complicated cosmetic procedure, that is not something that not worth doing yourself, but not every master you can trust. So if you have a friend or acquaintance, which is engaged tattoo – do not rush to contact them. Tattoo on your face must be a master, who specializes in this area. If this is an experienced master, he will help you decide on a color scheme starting with the color of your eyes, hair, skin, as well as the type and form of your face). In addition, an experienced master can guarantee you the safety and sterility treatments, perfect quality. Don’t forget, if you do not like something – you will not be able to go and wash. So do not save, find the best expert in your town(here, as always, Internet, SOC. network, and a friend in help), and discuss with him what you want to do.
Now let us examine in detail the peculiarities of татуажу separately lips, eyelids and eyebrows.



– perhaps the most popular. Shape of the eyebrows girls plays a very important role in the overall make-up. Beautiful and correct the line of the eyebrows can dramatically change the face of the girl – more expressive, playful, young and attractive. It is therefore very important to correctly choose the shape, width and color of the eyebrows in accordance with your personal characteristics(option «to my friend and it’s cool» is not suitable in this case). And only after the final approval of the project» you can directly do tattooing. I think it is not necessary to repeat about the importance of choosing a good tattoo-salon – this applies to all kinds of tattoo.
The cost depends on the technology and the method of application of paint. The average is approximately 60-100 dollars.
If you bright and thin eyebrows – you need to do continuous tinting – visual effect will be drawn eyebrows, but she messed and will not float from the heat.
If you have your dark eyebrows – it is recommended that you do eyebrow using barcode technology. Its essence is that the hairs are drawn on the skin, and after stuffed machine.
Ideal line of the eyebrows will make your face more expressive. In addition, the tattoo will help you save money on cosmetics. The result will remain for 3-7 years, after this time is a correction, and your eyebrows again perfect. The result may be seen 5-7 days after the procedure.
The biggest advantage is that you can easily change the shape of the eyebrows, to make them visually dense, and also make a more vivid color.
Cons eyebrow tattoo. They certainly are, but insignificant. If previously you have no eyebrows pinched, or did it rarely when tattooing shape of your eyebrows will be different from your home. And accordingly most likely have to remove excess hair on average once a week. Also, there are times when eventually pigment lighter, and there is a need for correction. This procedure is also done in the salon.

Татуаж бровей

Tattooing of the lips

– a cosmetic procedure, which you can use without the help of surgery to correct the shape, size and color of the lips. He visually increases the size of the lips, making a clear outline (contouring procedure).

By using shading, you can get any color and saturation of the lips. Using the lip you can get rid of age-related changes(drooping ends lips), or from the effects of diseases such as herpes.
Tattooing of the lips may be in the form of contour(delineation), light feather(path + weak shade), full feather(path + color).
As permanent tattoo lips done for 2-3 years, care must be taken to hue was close to the natural(you will not be able to «wipe» color or change lipstick).
If you have decided on the interior, which will carry out this cosmetic procedure, give some recommendations for verification. Beauty must obtain a license to conduct this cosmetic procedure, have on hand hygiene certificate, all necessary materials and equipment. Also in the cabin must necessarily be autoclave for the proper sterilization tool. The master must talk to you about your state of health, explain the possible consequences, the process of recovery lips after the procedure.
As with any cosmetic procedure, tattooing of the lips has contraindications, such as:
– pregnancy;
– the patient’s age less than 18 years;
– hypertension(high blood pressure);
– diabetes
– diseases of skin and blood;
– oncological diseases;
– allergic to pigments;
It is also not recommended to do tattooing women who are breastfeeding.

Татуаж губ

Eyelid tattoos

– a great option for those who like arrows. Because paint them every day dubious pleasure, besides, very often from the heat or moisture arrow proliferation, bringing the girls a lot of unpleasant moments.

Eyelid tattoos is divided into zones of influence. He is in the form of a contour of the lower and upper eyelid. Arrow(contour of the upper eyelid) is done for the manifestation of the expressiveness of the eyes. It is above the level of the lashes, but межресничное distance not прокрашивается. The contour of the lower eyelid tattoo is done century together with the make-up of the upper eyelid.
Of the three procedures this, perhaps the least popular. This is due primarily to the fact that not all the girls draw arrows. Yes and they say, too, not all. Also, many girls just can not make a perfectly smooth and clear line of the arrow.
What line tattoo arrow choose is up to you, starting from the form and the size of the eye, the distance between them. An experienced master easily help you choose the optimum form and width of the arrow, thereby it is possible to correct some deficiencies(e.g. visually lift the upper corner of the eye). Pre-drawing an arrow with a pencil, and after receiving your consent to do tattooing arrow. Greatest advantage tattoo century is saving the media for makeup – such detail as the arrow is a clear and self-sufficient emphasis on your face, and will allow to minimize costs. Plus you can use the lash without harm to your image. And you will be beautiful not only on the party – even after the soul, or the active diving in the sea is your makeup will remain perfect.

Татуаж век

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