Egg mask

Яичная маска для волосWe women changeable nature. Today it seems to us that to be the blonde is the Acme of perfection, and tomorrow, we’re running in the beauty salon to perekrasit in brunette. And even those who don’t like radical changes, are still sometimes resort to hair coloring to hide the grey hair or make your native, natural hair color is more intense. And all of us know, that colored hair need special care? Otherwise they will quickly lose its color, become brittle and dull. The best way to maintain the health and beauty of your hair, are considered mask homemade.


Today, I want to tell how and what kind of mask you want to use to maintain the vitality and health of hair .

Firming egg mask – simple yet very useful. Preparation of a mask doesn’t take you very long time, and products for cooking always find you in the refrigerator.
To get started, take three eggs, separate from the one egg yolk, he will soon need. The remaining 2 break the eggs into a bowl, and pour warm water and mix thoroughly. Wet hair, pour the egg mass and vigorously RUB this weight in the scalp. Then, thoroughly rinse the hair and apply on the scalp yolk, cover your head with polyethylene, and on top wrap a towel. After 15 minutes, wash the head. Use this mask at least a couple times a week, and pretty soon you will see the result. Indeed, the use of egg mask will help to preserve the color of dyed hair rich and bright, and the hair silky, soft, shiny and healthy .

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