Egg diet for a week results

Яичная диета на неделю результаты

Nowadays the majority of women consider it necessary to regularly monitor their appearance. Can help medicine in the 21st century there are many choices of therapies, including surgical intervention. If you are not yet ready for such drastic actions – try to find a suitable diet. To date, multiple diets include a product like eggs. Thanks to all contain the minerals and vitamins, eggs are low calorie and filling. Egg diet for a week the results were struck by nutritionists – if you eat an egg for Breakfast, during the day people e feels hunger, and its weight is decremented. It is worth noting that there are several versions of the egg diet.

Based on the egg diet for 4 weeks reviews and the results of the photo , we can conclude that for some this type of diet is hard, but still effective. Svetlana says that it was hard for her, she felt a constant sense of hunger and dizziness that lasted six days and was able to lose 5 kg And Lyudmila says that the egg diet for 4 weeks reviews the results only positive. She has kept this type of diet and diluted citrus that has contributed to the diversity of the diet and decreased appetite.

Let’s talk about egg diet for 2 weeks and reviews the results of the photo is just amazing. Such a diet is the most common option in the menu of this diet included grapefruit. Of course, the main products is the egg, and grapefruit plays an important role. Here banned snacking, and eating is divided into three times, by such a diet egg diet 2 weeks results are beneficial to weight loss.

Last time you can get there no later than seven o’clock in the evening, vegetables also can be eaten (cooked and fresh), without oil.

Therefore, it is worth noting that the egg diet for 4 weeks results photo, we see evidence that diet may be short, but the effect is positive. It is worth saying that there are also egg diet, which lasts three days. During this period, allowed to eat eggs, vegetable salads and a moderate amount of fruit, completely exclude flour products, coffee, teas, sweets. Also should consume sufficient amount of water. This option slimming applies in cases of emergency because of the small amount of carbohydrate may experience some difficulties with health, for example, muscle weakness or stress. In such a short time you can lose about four pounds.

The output from the diet of this type should not be instant, the diet should include foods that consists of: cheese, eggs, yogurt, citrus fruits, meat diet.

Consider the detailed menu for the seven-day diet:

the first day and the second includes one egg, one Cup of tea or coffee (without sugar) and one Apple for Breakfast, dinner and lunch portions;

the third day consists of Breakfast with two eggs and one Cup of coffee, for lunch you can eat a small portion of beef, lettuce and spinach, dinner on the third day we missing;

– on the fourth day, for Breakfast and dinner, eat two eggs, for lunch you can eat fish, steamed;

– on the fifth day Breakfast includes two eggs with a Cup of tea or coffee, lunch consists of boiled fish and tomatoes, and dinner – one egg;

– on the sixth day we eat one Cup of coffee and one egg, eating boiled beef dinner cooked rabbit or veal;

– on the seventh day: Breakfast – one Cup of unsweetened tea or coffee and two eggs lunch – chicken without skin 200 g and vegetables 100g, dinner 100g chicken without skin. If necessary, it is allowed to dilute diet with fruit and vegetables in limited quantities. Due to low content of carbohydrate you can feel weakness, fatigue and irritability, so more than two weeks to sit on a diet is not advised.

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