Drawing on French tips transparent building gel ibd

Drawing on French tips transparent building gel ibdPrior to the service using French tips, conducted a preliminary procedure for treatment of nails, according to five steps. Upon completion of the preparatory procedure, you are ready for application.

Pick up tips to fit optimally suited to the natural nail plate. Filter tips for the best fit. Check that they are suitable to the nail plate from side to side. Not apply a lot of five-second ibd gel on the inside tips. Press it to the free edge of the nail.

With a special guillotine cut the nail tip to the desired length. Carefully Spil top layer TIPS with a sapphire blade stiffness 150, to remove the shine. Not zapilivaem tips, it can ruin smile line. Remove dust with a clean dry swab.

Next, apply sparingly Bander from the cuticle to the free edge. To remove the excess nail blot with clean, dry swab. Upon completion put Bander under UV for 1 minute. The nail should look nice and matte. Do not clean.

Start the application form, taking a small amount of gel on a gel brush. Put it on the area code of the nail, driving the brush from side to side. Spread the gel using a translational movement to create a reliable and dense layer of the cuticle to the free edge. Move the outer edge of the nail brush around the perimeter, including both sides. Remove any remaining gel from the surrounding skin and cuticle pusher with. Put the nail in the UV lamp for 30 seconds.

The next step – strengthening the area of stress. Place the brush in clear builder gel. Next, lift the brush, making the thin thread of the gel. Apply the product to the place of the thread of contact with the natural nail TIPS and all the coverage that need to be strengthened. The gel is easy to spread. Upon completion put the nail in the UV lamp for 3 minutes. Remember, during the polymerization of the coating on the one hand, work with a nail the other hand.

After polymerization clear coating swab soaked in cleaner Cleanser Plus, gently soaked nail and removing the sticky residue. Ready nail should be smooth and not in need of polishing. If necessary, align the edge of the nail, use a sapphire nail file stiffness 150. Remove the dust with a clean dry swab ibd.

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The next step – securing coverage with fixative Ultra Seal. Ultra Seal can be applied to the adhesive surface of gel coat or sawed rough nails. Apply a thin layer on the surface of the nail fortifier. Avoid contact with skin. Pay particular attention to the area around the cuticle and free edge. Complete clearance of the free edge of the nail flick brush along the entire perimeter. The remainder of the gel on the skin around the nail or cuticle can cause delamination of the coating. Remove any remaining product with pusher. Place the nail with fixative Ultra Seal under UV for 1 minute and clear nail clean swab soaked in cleaner Cleanser Plus.

The final step – the application of lavender oil on the cuticles to moisturize and soften it. Apply oil to the cuticle area and gently massage. Cover the nail varnish on request

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